Monday, December 18, 2006

Caty-lynne's Big Day

So yesterday Caty-lynne got her training wheels taken off her bike and she did great. She was so excited that she was able to ride a bike like a big girl. At first every time Brian would let go she would stop pedaling and just glide, she did not get it that you are still suppose to pedal even after Daddy lets go. After about 2 or 3 times of doing that she got it and did great. We were so impressed considering she is only three and just got her bike in April. So Brian is calling her his Lance Armstrong. Of course I still have not gotten a camera so I have not pictures of the event, maybe I will go and get one today to take a picture of her and post it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Oh How I Wish I Could Afford Private School!!

So I went to pick Bri up at school yesterday and his teacher tell me how Bri was pretty much jumped by a kid at his school on the playground. I guess Bri was playing with a little boy and these two Boys from another class came up and pushed him to the ground and started kicking and hitting him. He said he would get up and they would push him back down, he was trying to go and tell the teacher on them. He then tells me how they were trying to kick him in the privates. I was so mad, I ask him if he hit back and he said yes but just once b/c he did not want to get in trouble. I then said did you cry and his response was NO I did not want to look like a baby! So he teacher told me that the teacher of their class wrote them up and took them to the office, i hope they get suspended from school. I will find out on monday. I ask Bri if it hurt and he said they hurt his head from when he was pushed to the ground. He also said one of his friends from his class saw what was going on and jumped in to help Bri. So when the teachers found them it was a hand full of boys on the ground kicking and punching each other. Can you believe that someone in kindergarten would do this, i mean you might think this would happen in middle school or high school but not kindergarten. The whole way home i keep thinking to myself oh i wish i could afford private school, this is why people send their kids to private school or home school them. Oh well in 2 1/2 more years i guess we can. I guess what makes me mad is the fact that Bric is one of the most friendly kids you will ever meet. He always is looking for someone new to meet or play with. I am sure they just picked the first boys they could find. Just thought i would give on up on what was going on here.Bye

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Update on the Miller's

Well I have not posted in a long time because I was waiting to get a new camera so I could have pictures to put in. Well I still have not managed to find time to go get a camera. It is not the sort of thing you want to do with 3 kids and Brian has not been around to much the past few weeks. I went online to look and found one I was going to order but Brian told me not to order to go and look to make sure I like it, anyway I will have one before Christmas. Things are going good around here. Bri lost his first tooth the other day so that was pretty exciting. He was also made a terrific kid at school. That is an honor you get for being good and doing well with your academic performance. In Feb. they will have an assembly and he will receive a cerificate. We were very proud of him for that one and he was very excited. He got a bumper sticker for the car that says I am a proud parent of a terrific kid, i told him I do not put stickers on my car so he decided to put it on his bike instead.
Lizzy is starting to talk more, when you tell her no she points her finger and shakes it at you and says no no and then giggles. She is so cute.
Brian is doing great, he is back in the ER working hard. He stays busy so he is happy to be back in the ER. And Caty-lynne and I are doing good to. We are all looking forward to Christmas. The kids are counting down the days. Well next time hopefully I will have pictures to go with.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Bri just got back his schools pictures so i thought i would share. He looks so grown up in the picture. I think they turned out very cute.


Well I figured out how to get the pictures to work, so here they are.
Lizzy was so adorable, we had people asking if she could be their treat instead of the candy.


We had a great time at halloween this year. These pictures were taken for trunk or treat at church. On halloween night we went to take pictures and our camera was broken. So I found our old film camera and took pictures. I scanned in the pictures to our computer but for some reason they are not showing up on the blog. So these will have to do. As you can see Bri was Darth Vader, Caty-lynne an angel and lizzy a butterfly. They other pics show the costumes off better.
Lizzy was so cute on halloween, she loved trick or treating. The next morning she got her bucket and walk around the house with it stopping and picking out candy. I took it away and she threw a fit. She screamed and me and then ran up and hit me on the leg. If she is doing this at the age of 1 and don't won't to see her at 3.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Our Trip To The North Carolina Mountians

Brian has had this past week off so we took a trip to the mountains (well really the rolling hills). This first picture looked so much prettier in real life. This picture does it no justice. The trees have all changed colors and they were beautiful.
We were execpting weather in the 40's but when we got there it was snowing and 28 degrees. It was also pretty foggy from the snow until the late afternoon so in some pictures you can not see what is behind us. Like the one above This was up by Grandfather Mountain.
This is a picture on our hike. We had a great time. With kids you can not go to far but they lasted 2 hours and we thought that was great for them. They did not complain the whole time, until the end that they were ready for lunch. Since it was 3pm i do not blame them.
We were a little upset because when we pulled up to Grandfather Mountain they were closing the entrance into the park because there was so much snow. They wanted to salt the roads and said that would take a few hours. This is where all the good hiking trails were at and also the swinging bridge. This would only happen to us really. The one time we spend money to go on vacation and when we get there they close. I mean really who closes a mountain. So we left there and went to the Blue Ridge Parkway and enjoyed the beautiful views from the road. Later we went into the little town Blowing Rock and ate and did a little shopping. All in all we had a great time. It was fun just being together.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I can't believe how time flys, it just seems like yesterday that sweet lizzy came into our lives and she is already turning one. I show you this picture of her cake b/c as you will notice in the next picture that she ate the whole thing. I have never seen anyone enjoy a cake more than she did. I have a video of her eating the cake so if jeni will tell
me how to post it i will. I was told we should enter it into americas funniest home video. The last picture of lizzy as you can tell she is all clean and wet. I was joking and said to Brian that she was so messy that we just needed to take her out side and hose her down. Well Brian said I will clean her and left the room. He came back in and she was clean. I said you did not take her outside did you and he said ya you told

me to. I was only kidding but only Brian would hose his 1yr old down. He said the kids across the street saw him come out and yelled hey and started to cross the street and when they saw him start to hose her down they ran back home. I said ya i wonder why. Anyway we all had fun and Lizzy had a blast eating her cake.


Well soccer season has started once again. This is Caty-lynne's first time on a soccer team. She was so excited to have her first game. She scored one of the three goals her team had to win the game. She was very cute. She got pushed down by the girl in purple two times and she got up and keep on playing. Later in the game that same girl fell and got stepped on and started to cry and set the rest of the game out, I turned to my mom and said don't you just love karma. She got what was coming to her.

Bri is starting his fifth season of soccer and at his first game he was slacking. He did score a goal but he was not into it like he normal is. Oh well it was only his first game. Here he is giving one of his power kick. I think this is going to be a fun fall for the two kids playing soccer. I am looking forward to see the improvement in Caty-lynne. She is actually better as a beginner than Bri was his first season. I don't mean that Bri is not good b/c he really is, last season he was scoring 5 and 6 goals a game but Caty-lynne just seems like it is more natural and easy to her.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brian's creations

Well this is a picture of Caty-lynne in her skirt that her Dad, yes her dad, made for her. He is still knitting and he made the girls both a skirt. They are very cute. Her is lizzy in her skirt. Here she is with her stomach bluging out and her little bubble butt as her dad calls it, very cute. Brian did a great job on these skirts. He is so funny for caty-lyne's drawstring for her skirt you had to bread some yarn for it so i offered to do it and he said no this is my project and i am doing everything for it and he did. They turned out great and the girls love them.

What a Mess

Well they came to cut the trees down and it was a mess. This is a picture while they were cutting the trees down. There were limbs everywhere, you could not even see the ground. Then this is a picture after they left. We no longer have any grass and bought seed to start over. Brian and I spent all day yesterday in the yard pulling roots and Brian tilled the ground. We still have a long way to go. I was second guess what we did. Anyway we will now actually enjoy our yard once it is all done without pinecones and pineneedles everywhere.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Kids

I thought I would show a few pictures of the kids, because nothing exciting is going on here. I caught Bri in the princess chair and took a picture and told him I was going to post it. He just laughed and said sure mom. He is so cute, he is truely his father's son. They have the same personality.

Then her is our princess and she truely thinks she is a princess. We got her a crown the other day at target and she wears it everywhere. She had to wear it to school and when Brian went to pick her up, he said he was their for Caty-lynne and her teacher said oh do you mean the princess. So now even at school the are calling her the princess. She makes me laugh daily with her way of thinking. Today she was upset on the way to school b/c she had forgotton to put on her lip gloss. She told me that she did not look pretty b/c she had forgotton to put it on. I reminded her that i do not wear makeup so does that make me not pretty and her answer was yes. I do not know how she came to like makeup so much, i mean the only time i ever put it on is for church and even sometimes i don't do that. She is such a priss. Her dad blames the sweet lady who bought her the makeup in the first place. I will not say who that sweet lady is.

Here we have sweet little Lizzy. If you can see this is the day she had her first ponytail, well if you can call it that. It was on the top of her head. I thought see looked so cute. I think her sister has been teaching her how to show off b/c after i put it in she went to show her dad and sister her hair. She would grunt until they looked at her and told her how cute she looked. She is starting even younger than her sister on that one. When Bri saw her after school he laughed and said, Why does lizzy have a ponytail on top of her head? It looks funny.

This a a tribute to my mom. This was her dance costume when she was a little girl and I would play in it was I was a little girl and now her granddaughter is wearing it. It is amazing that it has held up b/c it is sooooo old. Just kidding mom. But she looked so cute dancing around the house and she then informed me that I needed to take a picture of her so we could put it on the blog. So here she is Miss Caty-lynne.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

First Day of School

Well today was Caty-lynne's first day of school and she was so excited. She got up and picked out her cloths and then had to do her makeup so she would glitter. Then she had me do her hair. Before we left she informed me that she needed her necklace on to finish the outfit. She look so cute. I can't believe that she is in preschool.
This is a picture of her when she got to school. The teacher had them color when they first got there. She did not stop grinning from the time we left the house and when we got there she still was smiling and giggling about starting school. She was a little upset that Nana left this morning and did not get to see her school or meet her teacher like she did for Bri. I told her Nana would come again and be able to do that for her too. She then said ok next week when I go to school we can call Nana and have her fly back here.

Here is Bri on his first day, he started on Monday. He was so excited that he got up at 5:45am wanting to know if it was time to go. Needless to say we were all ready for before 7 and his school starts at 8 and we live about 5 mins from his school.

Here he is in front of his classroom. He loved his first day but was a little upset because he did not get any homework and he wanted to see what it was like. I told him he had a whole life of homework ahead of him so don't wish it on to soon. So now it is just Lizzy and I hanging out and we are trying to figure out what to do with such a quiet house.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pictures of The House

Libby this is for you, you have been asking for pictures for months. This first picture is of our bedroom, of course. I only have pictues of things that are new or different from the last house libby.
The kicten, I still do not have the window treatments in this room, brian's office or my bedroom. Besides that we are done.

Brian's office and yes we need a rug, just have not found one yet.

And here is our T.V. family room. I would show you pictures of the backyard but in 3 days we are having 5 trees cut down so i will show you that after they are down. Enjoy

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Well as you can see Brian decided to shave his head again, but this time he did not want to do it alone. So to my dismay Bri has a shaved head too. I am not a fan of a shaved head but I have to say Bri looked pretty cute! He loves looking like his dad, well at least his hair cut b/c just about everywhere we go we still get he looks just like his mom, he might have my looks but he acts just like his dad.

Then there is Caty-Lynne and for all those who know Caty-Lynne you know what a battle it is to even get a brush and bow in her hair. As you can see in this picture she has now decided so loves ponytails and pigtails. She looks even more adorable with her hair pulled up off of her face. One day last week she came to me and ask for a ponytail and i about fell over, then two days ago she came asking for the pigtails. This was so big I had to take a picture b/c I knew no one would believe this one. Her hair now matches her prissy attitude. In fact the other day when I did her hair she had to put on her lip gloss and then ask me to announce to her dad that the pretty girl in the whole world was coming down the stairs. So I did and she was walking down the stairs with a huge smile and then she tripped and fell down half of the stairs. Poor thing, she was ok but it made her so upset that her dad did not see her before the tears came.

Here we have miss on the go, Lizzy is all over the place now a days. She now has personality ozzing out of her ears. We thought for awhile she was going to be nothing like her drama queen sister but we were wrong. She is more drama than Caty-lynne ever thought about being at that age and that scares me.

And here is the last picture for today, Bri and Caty-lynne were outside on the tramp. and Caty-lynne came in screaming with this black eye. We ask what happened and she said Bri told her not to look at him and she did so he took the broom I left on the deck earlier and hit her in the eye with it. Needless to say Bri went to his room for the rest of the night. She was so pitiful looking I had to take a picture. When I took the picture she gave me this cute sad face. Well that is about the just of what has been going on at the Miller house. We are looking forward to next week b/c Bri starts school and Caty-lynne starts preschool. I will not know what to do with myself but I am pretty sure I will be ok. We are also looking forward to Lynne coming next week as well, so next week seems to be looking good for us. Until next time.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pictures at the Pool

Cooling Off

Well it has been really hot here the last couple of days. It has been in the 100's with 90% humitity. So we have been going to the pool to keep cool. The kids have also enjoyed jumping on the tramp with me spraying them with a hose. Fun times here at the Miller House. Caty-lynne went of the diving board for the first time the other day and now she can not get enough of it. In fact the other day when Brian was with her she decided to hold her pee so long that when she got to the end of the diving board she could no longer hold it and she exploded right there in front of everyone watching her. Brian went up and splashed some water on the end but the guy behind her still seemed to be a little upset when he had to walk through Caty-lynne's pee. So now she can not go in the pool until after a bathroom visit. But Caty is doing so good with her swiming. She can swim all the way to the stairs after jumping off the diving board. Brian or I are always there just in case but still we are very impressed at how good she is doing with no lessons. Then there is Bri who is the swiming machine. When we get to the pool he leaves us and goes and swims the whole pool by himself. He is always on the lookout for a new friend to play with. He goes on the diving board and does front dives, cannon balls and twist in the air. Pretty good for a five year old. In fact they were having diving lessons one night and after Bri did this pretty amazing twist in the air this girl there for lessons who was probably about 12 said to her friend, did you see what he just did? That was really cool. It is a good thing we have this pool for something to do everyday. I have pictures of the kids on the diving board and slide but it is not letting me post them now so i will do it later. I also have a picture of Brian doing a 2 1/2 flip off the diving board as well that i will post. We also have a pretty amazing slide at the pool as well and lizzy now enjoys going on it with Brian or I. She always has a very disgruntly look on her face until the water splashes her in the face right at the end. Then out comes the giggles and smiles. Well that is about all that is going on her in Hell or at least it fells like that everytime we go outside.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


Well we made it home and it was not to bad. The flights went very well, but anything would be better than our trip out to Canada. We are getting back into our routine here. Bri has been playing nonstop with all the boys on our street. He is a busy little boy, he always seem to have someone asking him to do something. This weekend he is in Palymra, NY. My mom and sister took him and her son (Michael) up for the weekend. They are going to the Hill Cumorah Pageant tonight. Today they are going to do the tour in Palymra and go to the sacred groove and to Joseph's home as a boy. Brian said he thinks his 5 yr. old son is more traveled them him, since neither of us have been there before. I am sure he will have fun. Caty-lynne and I are just hanging out together.
Brian work last night so he is sleeping and lizzy is sleeping too.
I am excited because I finally found something for my bedroom, once i get it done i will post a picture. That is about as is exciting as it gets around here so until next time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

West Edmonton Mall

We Went to West Edmonton Mall yesterday for one night. This is a picture of our Theme room. It was a truck room. The kids loved it. The whole time I was there I keep thinking of Jaxon, b/c he loves trucks. He would have loved our room. Anyway the kids could get in the front of this truck and pretend to drive. They had bunkbeds that were firetruck that had lights on them. There were stop light hanging from the ceiling for our lights and lamp post. The kids had a blast turning the lights on and off. On the first night we went to water world, that was soo much fun. We went on really fast waterslides and the kids played in the kid pools. They loved it and did not want to leave.

These are pictures of the next day at Galaxy Land. This is Bri riding on the swings by himself. He was just at the limit for height. He had the biggest smile on his face while he was swinging very high in the air.
This is the roller coaster we went on. Caty-lynne was too short so she was pouting so Libby took her to go and watch us. She got over it really fast, as soon as we found another ride to go on.
This was the kid roller coaster she was able to ride on. Caty-lynne was screaming and throwing her hands in the air. It was really cute. The rest of the pictures are pics from the park. We had a great time and are thankful to Nana who took us their.

This is a picture of the kids inside of a whale's mouth. Pretty cute.