Saturday, December 08, 2012

Family Photos 2012

Brian works with a nurse that as a hobby takes pictures and she offered to take ours this year and I think they turned out great.  Brian kept telling me not to buy him anything to wear because he knew he had a red shirt to wear.  So for the first time I listen to him and bought him nothing and the rest of us got clothes with red/cream theme to it.  So about 15 minutes before we are leaving he comes in with this shirt on (he had never tried it on) and it was huge and looked like an old man.  He had found it at kohls one day very cheap and just bought it.  So his first comment was thanks for getting me something to wear, so I reminded him that he had ask me not to.  I was so mad, the one time I listen to him this is what happens.  So he goes into the closet and the shirt he is wearing is the only other shirt he had with red.  In the end it all work out and the pictures look great!

Saturday, December 01, 2012

House Pictures

 We went out to the house yesterday and they have put some of the cabinets in.  This top picture is the kitchen in the basement.  The ones below are in the main kitchen.  They look great!  They have also put in the hardwood floors as well and I love them.  They just have to sand and put the clear finish on top. We went with a walnut hardwood so they do not stain them they use the natural finish and put a clear finish on top.  I think the hood is my favorite thing in the kitchen,  they did a great job.  They still have to put the island in and I notice yesterday they had the wrong legs in for the island so not sure how that is going to hold everything up getting the right ones in.  In the last picture that is Lizzy's bathroom.  They started the tile in her bathroom and love it.  The floor looks really good will have to take a picture of that next time.  They are still saying we will be in by the end of January so hopefully there is nothing to push it back.  It is so fun now to go and see every room come together.  They will be done with cabinets by the end of next week and maybe all the tile.  They have started the trim work and that will maybe be done next week as well.  I can't believe it is December 1st today, the time just flys by.  Bri starts basketball today so our break of sports for the last 3 weeks is over.  At least it is only one this time so it should not be to bad.  Keely and Zoe are coming to visit next week so that should be fun.  Carleigh is very excited to see Zoe and take her to her dance class.  Next week at dance it is bring a friend day and Zoe will be here so she is going to go with Carleigh.  The kids are so excited about Christmas.  They are a little sad because our decorations are in storage so we have this little 5ft tree and a wreath and that is it.  They love decorations but I think it is kind of nice not to have much to do this year with christmas decorating.