Saturday, November 04, 2006


Bri just got back his schools pictures so i thought i would share. He looks so grown up in the picture. I think they turned out very cute.


Well I figured out how to get the pictures to work, so here they are.
Lizzy was so adorable, we had people asking if she could be their treat instead of the candy.


We had a great time at halloween this year. These pictures were taken for trunk or treat at church. On halloween night we went to take pictures and our camera was broken. So I found our old film camera and took pictures. I scanned in the pictures to our computer but for some reason they are not showing up on the blog. So these will have to do. As you can see Bri was Darth Vader, Caty-lynne an angel and lizzy a butterfly. They other pics show the costumes off better.
Lizzy was so cute on halloween, she loved trick or treating. The next morning she got her bucket and walk around the house with it stopping and picking out candy. I took it away and she threw a fit. She screamed and me and then ran up and hit me on the leg. If she is doing this at the age of 1 and don't won't to see her at 3.