Saturday, January 27, 2007


Happy 4th Birthday Caty-lynne. She had a great day, it started with getting this cute new outfit from Ooma and Papa and then going to get a biscuit and a diet coke at Bojangles.

She then had her Birthday party
that afternoon. She had a Hello

Kitty party. She had a few friends over and had a great time. She got tons of new cool things. She has gotten into Polly Pockets and she got a few new things of that and a polly movie. She got some new cloths and some lip gloss and glitter makeup. Later Ooma took her to build a bear and she pick out a unicorn and named her sweetie. She had a blast.

Later in the day Papa and Daddy took her, Bri and Michael bowling. She had a great day and we ended it eating at a mexican resturant. Yum, Caty-lynne had her own bowl of cheese dip and licked it clean.

Happy birtday sweetie we love you!!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


This is what lizzy looks like most of the time. Walking around with a smile on her face, that is until her bossy big sister comes around.

Then she looks like this. I know Lizzy loves Caty-lynne but most of the time they start playing lizzy is enjoying it but after about five min. this is what is happening. Lizzy is screaming and pushing Caty-lynne away and Caty-lynne is not leaving her alone. When Lizzy is just walking through the house CL is right behind her pushing her where to walk so she goes where she wants her to go. I am looking forward to the day Lizzy can talk, b/c i think it will be pretty funny to hear what she has to say to Caty-lynne.

Caty-lynne I know you are only doing this b/c you love her so much. Also she has gotten to be a little bit jealous of Lizzy b/c she is no longer center of attention all the time. We love you Caty-lynne and one day lizzy will see you are only trying to be a good sister. I am sure they will be best of friend and enemies. At least that is how it was with me and keely. Now that we are older we have past the enemy part.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Now that Christmas is long since over with I thought I would blog about it. We had a great Christmas. I got a new camera and with the great luck i have been having with camera's this one was not different. Yes it was broken so therefore I have no pictures to post. But we had a great Christmas and I will be getting a new camera hopefully tomorrow. We stayed here because Brian was working and my family came for a few days. The kids got everything they could hope for and more. Caty-lynne's favorite is her Barbie Jeep that she rides up and down our street. She can really fly and it even has a radio in it and a barbie cd that plays barbie music. So her and lizzy jam out and ride all over the place. Lizzy likes to just sit in it and dance to the music. Bri got a new Bike and he flies himself up and down the street on his bike.
Now that Christmas is over life is back to normal. Kids are back in school and its pretty boring around here. Tomorrow is a holiday so no school and Brian has a day off so we will have a fun time together as a family. That is something that is very rare these days.
Caty-lynne's Birthday is in two weeks is she is so excited. She can't stop talking (and I really mean that) about what kind of party she wants and what she wants for her presents. So that is about all that is going on here in NC. Speaking of NC Brian was very upset last night when they lost there basketball game, I mean what is up with that. Being ranked number one did not last very long for them this week. Oh well we still know that they are really the best.