Sunday, May 22, 2011

Caty-Lynne's Dance Recital!

Caty-Lynne had her dance recital today and she did great. It was so much fun to watch her up there dancing. Her first dance was tap (the red outfit), she danced to Sweet Home Alabama. Her second dance was to a song called Hollywood. This was her jazz dance and she wore the pink outfit. Her last dance was ballet (blue outfit) and they dance to America The Beautiful. The theme of her recital was road trip across america, so each song was about a state. My favorite dance was her Hollywood dance. She looked like she was having so much fun up there and she was gettin down. We all enjoyed the show and are looking forward to Lizzy's in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter 2011

This Easter Brian did not have to work and that is the first in a long time. We had a great day. After church Brian, Bri and Lizzy went on a bike ride from our house to my parents and once Carleigh woke up we met up with them there. The kids enjoyed a egg hunt and we had a wonderful meal. This easter egg hunt was fun for Carleigh. This year she got that they were filled with candy and money so she had a blast running around searching for eggs. At the end the kids were all getting her to trade the eggs with money for candy. She was willing because candy is much better then money for her.
Caty-lynne has been wanting me to curl her hair but I did not have a curling iron. Well I finally got one and we did her hair last sunday before church. She looked so beautiful.
Well not much is going on around here. We have a few more weeks of school left before summer. The girls have their dance recitals in about a week so that should be fun. Both the girls have decided that they do not want to take dance anymore. I am hoping lizzy changes her mind because I think she is just doing what her big sister is doing. She is really good and she can really move! I guess we will see. Brian has a crazy work schedule this month. There were a lot of people who needed shifts covered and he took them all. He is working almost everyday. I hope he is never this nice again. This is just crazy and no one needs to work this much. Well the month is half way over so not much longer until it is over. In July we are going to the beach for a week and I just got tickets to go to Utah in August so this will be a fun summer. Looking forward for it to begin.