Friday, March 07, 2014


This year for Christmas we went to Dallas to spend it with the Millers!  We stayed at Nana and Granddad's house in Dallas.  We had so much fun, we got to stay for 2 weeks and celebrate Christmas and lots of birthdays.  We were able to spend lots of time with cousins and just hang out at Nana's house.  Everyone made home made ornaments to decorate her tree with.  The kids love making the ornaments.  We also took time to show the kids what Christmas is really about.  Jeni found a family we could help.  We took the kids shopping for this family and then left it on there door step for them to find on Christmas.  We took the kids out to do lots of fun things.  We went to a place called Main Event on Taylors Birthday.  They got to go bowling, laser tag, rope walking and play many arcade games.  
While we were there Nana wanted to celebrate Carleigh's Birthday so she planned a party at American Girl Cafe.  Carleigh loved it, all the girls came and we ate and she got to bring her new doll Saige with her.  Lots of fun times had by everyone.  
 This is Caty-lynne turning the Christmas tree skirt into a skirt for herself!
 Here Jeni and Lizzy are playing around with Jeni being the arms for Lizzy.

 Bri was told if he jumped into the freezing cold pool to retrieve something for Nana he would get paid $5 to do it.  Well he did it and it knocked the wind out of him.  Here he is trying to warm up in the sun!

 All the cousins having fun!

 One of my kids favorite things to do at Christmas, make Ginger Bread Houses!

 Jeni the Master at Ginger Bread Houses, I guess she has had lots of practice.

Not so Good Family Photos!

So this year we waited until the last minute to realize we needed our family photo for Christmas cards.  Brian thought we could get a good one ourselves and just use that instead of having someone take them for us.  Well as you can tell the trees were bare by the time we took the photo so not so pretty.  Also Brian had worked the night before so by the time he woke up it was late and the sun was starting to go down so we did not have much time left with light.  Needless to say I did not send out a Christmas card this year because I did not like any of the family ones.  Some of the kids turned out cute but that is about it.  Next year I will start early and get a good one!