Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Briley's Pumpkin Patch

Last week Caty-lynne's class went to the pumpkin patch and Lizzy and I went along. The kids had so much fun. They got to feed the goats, which Lizzy thought was great but when they would jump on her for the food she would yell no samson(our dogs name) sit. I think the white with spots must have confused her. It was pretty cute. They went on a hay ride, learned how to make butter, milked a pretend cow, got to pick out a very small pumpkin and had a treat and then went home. It was a fun day. I also threw in a picture I took of Lizzy before church on sunday and one of Caty-lynne from a few days ago. I have no pictures of Bri, the last picture I have of him is his first day of school. That kid does not like to have his picture taken. He just can't sit still long enough for me. Anyway things are great here, Brian has the next week off so that will be nice. We don't have any plans just hanging out. He has to take his boards on Thrusday and Friday, so I'm sure he will be doing a lot of reading the next few days. Enjoy

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Well Lizzy turned 2 last week and I can't believe how fast time goes. It just seems like yesterday we were having her 1st birthday party. She had a blast opening up her presents. Last year it was all about the cake but this year it was about the presents. She loved picking out the cake and showing it to everyone but only ate about 2 bites and then was done. She is such a sweetie. We are so lucky to have her in our family. Since she is the youngest and Brian and I have soften so much since Bri was her age that she gets what ever she wants, no kidding. The more you have the more you realize the little things are not so important in the long run. So to all you parents choose your battles!!! We love you Lizzy.