Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Well School is back in session!  The kids are back in school and everyone is loving it so far.  Bri is in middle school and I still can not believe it.  He really enjoys it and says it is much better than elementary school.  Caty and Lizzy are now in 4th and 1st grade.  They both have friends in their classes and really enjoy their teachers as well.  Carleigh started preschool today and she was so excited.  She really enjoyed herself as well.  She informed me when I picked her up that I forgot to pack her lunch because she wanted to stay and eat lunch there just like her sisters eat lunch at their school.  What a funny little girl she is.  She also told me she had lots of boys in her class and said that it was gross to kiss boys and she was not going to do that.  Not sure where that come from but glad she is not going to be handing out kisses to boys!  This is the first time in 11yrs that I have time during the day with no kids.  I can't believe they are all in school, time flies way to fast.  It was sad dropping Carleigh off this morning and a little to quiet without her this morning.  I told her I would be sad without her and she said "don't worry mom it is only for 3 days a week, you can have me the rest of the days."  So glad the kids are off to a good start with school.  We are staying really busy around here.  We have football 4days a week, soccer 3 days a week, tae-kwan-do 1-2 times a week, gymnastic and dance.  Also throw in 2 soccer games and 1 football game on Saturday.  But I am not complaining because I have been told one day I will miss this.  Caty-lynne tried out for the acedemy soccer leauge and made the team and she is doing great.  She has become a really good soccer player and has a love for the game.  Bri was so relieved he got on the football team because I waited so late to sign him up that at first all the spots were taken.  Last week a couple of the kids in 7th grade made the middle school team so that opened up a spot for Bri, he was so excited!  Well I am really trying to get better at blogging so we will see how it goes.  Until next time!


Ok so I know I uploaded the pictures in the wrong order but not going to change it so start at bottom and work your way up.  So about 4 weeks ago they started framing the house.  This pictures above is the basement.  It took them about a week to do basement then they worked their way up.  Today they were putting in the windows but I did not get a picture so that will be for next post.  It is fun to go and see the progress each day.  I have to ride past it everyday to drop Bri off at his bus stop so we see the day to day progress.  We still have about 5 to 6 months before they are finished and I get more excited the more they do.  We are just about done with picking everything out for the house.  On friday we are going to pick out carpet and hardwood selection.  Then the only thing left is all the paint choices.  I am really excited about my kitchen.  We have picked out the most beautiful cabinets and it will be so nice to have that beautiful view which is posted above to look at everyday from the kitchen.  Can't wait for it all to be done!