Monday, February 20, 2006

Lizzie's new toy

Well we had one person come and look at our house this weekend and we hope people continue to come. I just hope we can sell. Brian turns in his final rank list for the match on Wed. So as of Thrusday the program knows they are getting him but he will not find out until march 16th. I keep telling myself it is going to go by fast. I just wanted to add a few pictures of the kids on, so here are some we took yesterday of Lizzie in her new toy having fun. I can't believe she will be 5 months on thursday, she is getting so big.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well last night was a very exciting night here at the Miller house. Lizzy was playing on the floor and Bri did not see her and stepped on her two times before he realized what he had done. I ran over and picked her up and she could was not breathing but by the time I picked her up she starting crying liked I have never heard her cry before. Well of course Brian was not her to check her out and tell me that she was ok, so I called 911 and the sent help. Her breathing was not normal when it happened and she was so upset that Bri got upset and started to cry too. Meanwhile Caty-lynne is following me around the house yelling put lizzy in my stroller i want to take her for a ride. She would not stop pulling on lizzy and me as i am trying to tell the operator what happened. So when help arrived lizzy was calm and breathing normal. They listened to her heart and lungs and said she sounded fine and to have Brian check her again before she went to bed. After they left Bri came up and was loving on her and told us that he had said 2 prays for her. That he had ask Heavenly Father to love on her and make her be better and to stop crying. He is such a sweet little boy who loves his sister. Brian got home about 20 minutes after all this had happen and was able to hear the story and tell me how babies are very durable and next time to stay more calm and not include 911 unless there is no breathing involved. Anyway over and done with and we are all doing great today.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Off to the Mall

This morning Caty-Lynne thought it would be fun to put Lizzie in her stroller and take her for a ride around the house. After I put her in Caty-lynne looked at me and said bye mom we are off to the mall to go shopping. I responded why are you going to the mall, she said to buy something. It was pretty funny. Lizzie seemed to really enjoy the ride so Caty-lynne spent about 15 minutes pushing her around.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pictures of the Kids

A Cold and Snowy Day

Feb. 12, 2006

Today is sunday and we are just hanging out at home. We got our snow for the year this Weekend and Brian was lucky enough to do a race in the wonderful weather. Yesterday Brian did a duathlon in Greensboro and came in 7th place, he even won a bag of goodies. It was the coldest day of the year for him, it was raining and snowing. Since it was so cold the kids and I decided not to go and watch. After the race we took the kids to see Curious George, very cute movie. It is now sunday and you would never know it snowed the day before. Today it is sunny and in the 40's.
We are now counting down until Match day,31 days until we find out were we are moving. We are very excited to find out. It will be fun to go and look for a new house and move to a new city.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Caty-lynne's birthday roller skating

Caty-lynne picked out princess roller skates for her birthday and loves them. Her and her brother were outside all day roller skating. She had a princess party and loved all of her gifts. Bri now wants some roller skates so they can go skating together.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Miss Caty-lynne hanging out at Nana'a house

This was on our recent trip to Sulfur Mountain in Banff. It was so cold at the top that it penetrated all 5 layers of clothes and blankets that Lizzy was wrapped in. She freaked out.

No snow the whole time we were there. It was the warmest dryest 3 weeks I've ever had there in Canada during the winter time.

All in all it was a good $23.50 for me and my family eh!

Beautiful Sunny Southern Day

Hey All,

It's Friday afternoon, and we've got the for sale sign up. It's been 4 awesome years here in Durham, but it's time to move on. I recently finished all my interviews for residency and will be hopefully taking a job somewhere in the state. They just happened to be my favorite of the 12 programs that I visited. Robin and the kids are chillin in the house with me and the kids have made slides out of the couch pillows. We're always one slip away from a broken collar bone here. Lizzy Anne is sleeping and growin like a weed. The sun is shining and there's only 41 days until match day. Not that anyones counting.

Hope ya'll are having a great day too!