Saturday, November 24, 2012

Summer Memories!

Rollerblading with attitude

Bri's football game with the girls.  Lizzy was at a sleepover with Ooma, but Caty and Carleigh and a bag of peanuts had a good day watching Bri get the bit win.

Now that summer is long gone and we are having temperatures in the 50's, we have found some good memories of the last days of summer.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Progression of the House

The house is getting so close - the house went from green wrapped plywood siding to brick and then added the stone and after the addition of the vinyl shakes on some of the upper level, it is finally finished.  Insulation of the walls is almost complete with interior walls around the master, media and office and downstairs bedroom insulated for sound - this week we start sheet rock, then cabinets - I can taste it...  like butta

Carleigh's Fall Festival

 Carleigh having a pose - off with the camera - point goes to Carleigh the Cute
 Riding the horse at her schools - Fall Festival - face painting, games
 Cupcakes?  Yumm

Fun with Big Sister - this is a good day!


Halloween was very cold this year.  We all bundled up but it didn't help that much.  I think that Bri was the warmest of everyone with his football gear on.  He had just finished his season and still had his gear so he put it to good use.  Caty was a teacher with glasses and a ruler ready to command attention from her class, Lizzy was a cat, Meow, and Carleigh was a witch.  Robin and I went as boring parents.  I changed into my icicle costume by the end of the night.  The kids made out like bandits with a good stash of treats.  Caty Lynne decorated her pumpkin for school - did a great job - the witch pumpkin