Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I can't believe how time flys, it just seems like yesterday that sweet lizzy came into our lives and she is already turning one. I show you this picture of her cake b/c as you will notice in the next picture that she ate the whole thing. I have never seen anyone enjoy a cake more than she did. I have a video of her eating the cake so if jeni will tell
me how to post it i will. I was told we should enter it into americas funniest home video. The last picture of lizzy as you can tell she is all clean and wet. I was joking and said to Brian that she was so messy that we just needed to take her out side and hose her down. Well Brian said I will clean her and left the room. He came back in and she was clean. I said you did not take her outside did you and he said ya you told

me to. I was only kidding but only Brian would hose his 1yr old down. He said the kids across the street saw him come out and yelled hey and started to cross the street and when they saw him start to hose her down they ran back home. I said ya i wonder why. Anyway we all had fun and Lizzy had a blast eating her cake.


Well soccer season has started once again. This is Caty-lynne's first time on a soccer team. She was so excited to have her first game. She scored one of the three goals her team had to win the game. She was very cute. She got pushed down by the girl in purple two times and she got up and keep on playing. Later in the game that same girl fell and got stepped on and started to cry and set the rest of the game out, I turned to my mom and said don't you just love karma. She got what was coming to her.

Bri is starting his fifth season of soccer and at his first game he was slacking. He did score a goal but he was not into it like he normal is. Oh well it was only his first game. Here he is giving one of his power kick. I think this is going to be a fun fall for the two kids playing soccer. I am looking forward to see the improvement in Caty-lynne. She is actually better as a beginner than Bri was his first season. I don't mean that Bri is not good b/c he really is, last season he was scoring 5 and 6 goals a game but Caty-lynne just seems like it is more natural and easy to her.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brian's creations

Well this is a picture of Caty-lynne in her skirt that her Dad, yes her dad, made for her. He is still knitting and he made the girls both a skirt. They are very cute. Her is lizzy in her skirt. Here she is with her stomach bluging out and her little bubble butt as her dad calls it, very cute. Brian did a great job on these skirts. He is so funny for caty-lyne's drawstring for her skirt you had to bread some yarn for it so i offered to do it and he said no this is my project and i am doing everything for it and he did. They turned out great and the girls love them.

What a Mess

Well they came to cut the trees down and it was a mess. This is a picture while they were cutting the trees down. There were limbs everywhere, you could not even see the ground. Then this is a picture after they left. We no longer have any grass and bought seed to start over. Brian and I spent all day yesterday in the yard pulling roots and Brian tilled the ground. We still have a long way to go. I was second guess what we did. Anyway we will now actually enjoy our yard once it is all done without pinecones and pineneedles everywhere.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Kids

I thought I would show a few pictures of the kids, because nothing exciting is going on here. I caught Bri in the princess chair and took a picture and told him I was going to post it. He just laughed and said sure mom. He is so cute, he is truely his father's son. They have the same personality.

Then her is our princess and she truely thinks she is a princess. We got her a crown the other day at target and she wears it everywhere. She had to wear it to school and when Brian went to pick her up, he said he was their for Caty-lynne and her teacher said oh do you mean the princess. So now even at school the are calling her the princess. She makes me laugh daily with her way of thinking. Today she was upset on the way to school b/c she had forgotton to put on her lip gloss. She told me that she did not look pretty b/c she had forgotton to put it on. I reminded her that i do not wear makeup so does that make me not pretty and her answer was yes. I do not know how she came to like makeup so much, i mean the only time i ever put it on is for church and even sometimes i don't do that. She is such a priss. Her dad blames the sweet lady who bought her the makeup in the first place. I will not say who that sweet lady is.

Here we have sweet little Lizzy. If you can see this is the day she had her first ponytail, well if you can call it that. It was on the top of her head. I thought see looked so cute. I think her sister has been teaching her how to show off b/c after i put it in she went to show her dad and sister her hair. She would grunt until they looked at her and told her how cute she looked. She is starting even younger than her sister on that one. When Bri saw her after school he laughed and said, Why does lizzy have a ponytail on top of her head? It looks funny.

This a a tribute to my mom. This was her dance costume when she was a little girl and I would play in it was I was a little girl and now her granddaughter is wearing it. It is amazing that it has held up b/c it is sooooo old. Just kidding mom. But she looked so cute dancing around the house and she then informed me that I needed to take a picture of her so we could put it on the blog. So here she is Miss Caty-lynne.