Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Kids

I thought I would show a few pictures of the kids, because nothing exciting is going on here. I caught Bri in the princess chair and took a picture and told him I was going to post it. He just laughed and said sure mom. He is so cute, he is truely his father's son. They have the same personality.

Then her is our princess and she truely thinks she is a princess. We got her a crown the other day at target and she wears it everywhere. She had to wear it to school and when Brian went to pick her up, he said he was their for Caty-lynne and her teacher said oh do you mean the princess. So now even at school the are calling her the princess. She makes me laugh daily with her way of thinking. Today she was upset on the way to school b/c she had forgotton to put on her lip gloss. She told me that she did not look pretty b/c she had forgotton to put it on. I reminded her that i do not wear makeup so does that make me not pretty and her answer was yes. I do not know how she came to like makeup so much, i mean the only time i ever put it on is for church and even sometimes i don't do that. She is such a priss. Her dad blames the sweet lady who bought her the makeup in the first place. I will not say who that sweet lady is.

Here we have sweet little Lizzy. If you can see this is the day she had her first ponytail, well if you can call it that. It was on the top of her head. I thought see looked so cute. I think her sister has been teaching her how to show off b/c after i put it in she went to show her dad and sister her hair. She would grunt until they looked at her and told her how cute she looked. She is starting even younger than her sister on that one. When Bri saw her after school he laughed and said, Why does lizzy have a ponytail on top of her head? It looks funny.

This a a tribute to my mom. This was her dance costume when she was a little girl and I would play in it was I was a little girl and now her granddaughter is wearing it. It is amazing that it has held up b/c it is sooooo old. Just kidding mom. But she looked so cute dancing around the house and she then informed me that I needed to take a picture of her so we could put it on the blog. So here she is Miss Caty-lynne.


J B & N Rawlins said...

Ok I remember getting BATTERED for wearing makeup.. Brian used to call me Little Miss MAkeup.. I am surpirsed He doesn't call MISS CL that!!! haha
The pony on LIzzy is SO cute!! She looks so grown up RObin!! CRAZY! Tell the kids hi from me and newbie.. we miss them!

Nana said...

I love it when you put new pics on. Brian looks like he got caught sitting on the princess chair, Maybe we should have gotten him a chair too, Lizzy look sweet enough to eat, and Caty-Lynne is such a little dancer in that little tutu. How cute!!I love her hair pulled back too. It really shows off her face. Did you get your trees cut?

The Haslam Clan said...

YOu need to get that girl into a dance class! and grown up just like Nin said! I miss them

Miller Time said...

no the trees are still up. They were suppose to come yesterday but it rained all day. I think it is not ment to have them cut down b/c everytime they are suppose to come it seems to rain or something happens on there side.

shannon said...

Darling pictures, your kids are so stinkin' cute!

Julie said...

Could the sweet lady who bought the makeup be Nana? It sounds like Caty-Lynne and Natalie could be very good friends. Natalie is ALWAYS asking me to buy her makeup. Anyways, your kids are darling. I LOVE the ponytail.