Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I can't believe how time flys, it just seems like yesterday that sweet lizzy came into our lives and she is already turning one. I show you this picture of her cake b/c as you will notice in the next picture that she ate the whole thing. I have never seen anyone enjoy a cake more than she did. I have a video of her eating the cake so if jeni will tell
me how to post it i will. I was told we should enter it into americas funniest home video. The last picture of lizzy as you can tell she is all clean and wet. I was joking and said to Brian that she was so messy that we just needed to take her out side and hose her down. Well Brian said I will clean her and left the room. He came back in and she was clean. I said you did not take her outside did you and he said ya you told

me to. I was only kidding but only Brian would hose his 1yr old down. He said the kids across the street saw him come out and yelled hey and started to cross the street and when they saw him start to hose her down they ran back home. I said ya i wonder why. Anyway we all had fun and Lizzy had a blast eating her cake.


J B & N Rawlins said...

ok so cute and funny. when I told Newby about the hosing down he said "so what is wrong with that?" haha GOOGLE video is what you need to do to download it on your blog. download it on there and then take the HTML and cut and paste it in your new blog entry. call me when you are doing it and I will help you if you need it!

Ramblin Round the World said...

Hey guys, We just found out we are having a little girl. Caty Lynne we wanted you to know first!!

The Adamson Trio said...

okay Robin I think it is time to post a new blog. This one is almost a month old. You are falling behind. See you in a couple of weeks.