Wednesday, April 13, 2011

San Diego Part 2

So today was our last day here in San Diego. I did a little shopping while Brian was in conference and when he got done we went to Old Towne and toured the Mormon Battalion. We had fun and did a little shopping there as well. We then ate the best mexican food we both have ever had. While we were there we got a call from our vet. saying someone had found Abby running down a busy street and she stop to pick her up. We left her with a girl that does dog sitting, so we called her but no answer. We called the lady that found abby and she said she watched her almost get hit by 3 cars before she was able to get her. She also said she was very hungry and thirsty. Who knows how long she was out by herself. My mom and sister went and got her for us at the lady's house and she will stay with my parents until we get home. I am just glad someone stop to help her and called our vet. from her tag she was wearing. So tomorrow morning we leave to go home and I think we are both ready to get home and see the kiddos. We have had a great trip but we are missing our sweet kids. I'm sure once we get home and they start arguing we will wonder why we were missing them!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

San Diego

Brian and I are in San Diego and having a great time. Our first day here we went to the San Diego Zoo. It is amazing how different it is to go to the zoo without kids. I think it was the first time I really enjoyed the Zoo. We then came and checked in our hotel The Del Coronado Hotel. This hotel is amazing, right on the beach. We then walked around the city of Coronado. Brian is here for a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Conference. So while he has been in the conference I have been going to the gym and laying out by the pool. We have really enjoyed our trip so far. Tonight we were able to go out with John, Sandy, Jake and Josh for Josh's birthday. It was good to see them and I can not believe how old the boys were. I still remember them as little boys not teenagers. On the way to meet up with John and Sandy we stopped at the temple to get some pictures. What a beautiful temple, I think it is probably my favorite temple. Tomorrow we are going to go to Old town and enjoying our last day here.

Bri's in the double digits now!!

Well Brian Jr. turned 10 a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to believe he is only 6 years away from driving and 9 from going on a mission. Time goes by so quickly, that is starting to scare me a little. On his birthday he wanted to eat at the Golden Corral. He had just gone on his 4th grade field trip to the coast and one night they ate there so he decided that it was so good he wanted to take us all. The kids really enjoyed it and it was a great time. This weekend he is going to have a party at the house with some of his friends. This should be fun 8 10yrs olds running around the house.

In the last picture of Lizzy and I, we are doing zumba! I got a dvd from the guy who teaches it at my gym and lizzy loves it. She wants to do it every day but I have to do it with her because it is no fun by yourself. At least that is what Lizzy thinks. Brian took pictures of us the other day while we were doing it. She is always asking me why the guy on the dvd is always smiling. I always say he is just happy. They other day she ask again and I said the same thing and here response was "I bet he doesn't yell at his kids because he is always happy" Well lizzy he does not have any kids! I didn't know rather to laugh or cry. It was funny but does that me she thinks I am not happy because I do yell at mine. So I ask and her response was yes, you don't look happy when you yell at us. So that is what I am trying to work on here is not yelling so much. I told her if my kids would listen one of the first 3 times I ask them to do something I would never have to yell at them but yelling seems to be what gets them listening. So that is what we are working on here, listening better and not yelling. We will see how that goes.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Catch up on the first of the year

Well the year started out with celebrating Brian's 34 Birthday. We had a family party and Brian and I went to eat Brazilian food. It was not like the yummy Brazilian food they have out in Utah. In fact I would never return to that place again. The best part was that we got to be together. It was the first in a long time, for us to go out without the kids. We were also able to go to the temple together which it had been a while since we had done that as well.

2011 started out with cold weather and snow. We had more snow this year than we have ever had since living in N.C. The kids enjoyed playing in the snow. Well that is everyone except Carleigh. She did not enjoying being cold at all. The kids missed a lot of school as well due to the snow. Which took away more than half of their spring break that they will have in april.

So in this picture of Lizzy, she had me straighten her hair. She looks so grown up with her hair like this. What a beautiful little girl!!

So the next event in January for us was Carleigh's birthday. I can't believe she is already 2. What a sweetie. We had the family over and had mexican food for everyone. She had pick out a princess cake that day at sam's. She makes us smile all the time. She is also super smart. I mean I know I'm her mom but how many kids turn 2 and know there shapes, colors and can count to 10. She amazes me everyday with the stuff she says and does. She got some princess clothes from nana and granddad and loved them. She had to try them all on for us as soon as she opened them. She also got a trike and loved it. The girls have pushed her around the house just about everyday until the weather warmed up and she could go outside.

Caty-lynne made her this crown to wear and she loved it. She wore it until she got her princess clothes with a real crown and then up graded to the non paper crown. She also received some cookies from nana and granddad and loved them. They had one of her favorite people on them, Minne Mouse. She loves Minnie Mouse, I think we need to take her to meet her down in Flordia. That would take a lot of convincing to get her dad to go again. I'm sure in a few years she will get him to take her, she has him wrapped around her little finger. I thinks she has everyone in her life wrapped around her little finger, even the girls at the gym daycare. What a wonderful blessing she is in our family.

Later in the month we celebrated Caty-lynn's 8th birthday. We had a surprise birthday for her at CiCis pizza with a few of her friends. She was really surprised and had a great time. We had pizza played games and then came back home to play at the house and have a sleep over as well.

This was a special birthday for her seeing that she was getting baptized. Nana came out the week before and was able to be here on her birthday. We let her stay home from school that day so she could hang out with mom and nana. We took her to get a pedicure, lunch and then a little shopping. I do mean a little shopping, because Caty-lynne does not like to shop and if she does it is for a very short time. She had a wonderful day. That night she wanted to eat at Taco Bell for dinner. So for two years now we have eaten there for her birthday. My kids love that place, but actually Brian and I like it as well. We just all love anything mexican.
On Saturday after her birthday She had her baptism. Granddad came the night before and stayed for a few days. She was able to have both sets of grandparents here for this special day in her life. Ooma and Granddad gave wonderful talks at the baptism. It was such a wonderful day. We thought we were going to be late due to her brother Bri. He was outside playing and saw a few of his friends and went off with them without telling anyone but Lizzy. So we were out searching the neighborhood for him and finally found him and made it on time.
The kids had a great visit with nana and granddad. We just wish we could see them more.

So Caty-lynne love to decorate cakes, so for her birthday every year she wants to make the cake and decorate it with me. I am not good at it at all but we have done it twice now and I don't seem to be getting better, but she loves it so I am sure we will keep doing it for years to come. This year the cake looked ok but it tasted soooo good! It is hard to believe that we now have two kids that are baptized. Caty we are so proud of the choices you have made and that you were baptized. I know that it was a very special day for you and your dad. You will always remember this day and will hold it close to your heart. We love you and are so glad to have you as our daughter. What a wonderful little girl you are.

So lastly I wanted to show the before and after of Bri after he cut his hair. He decided that he wanted to grow his hair out and I let him. After months of growing he realized he was sick of having to get up and do his hair because if he didn't then it would look like the picture below. So he decided to cut it and boy does it look so much better short. I thought I would put this up so he would always have a picture to remind him of that. Well that should catch me up for know. Oh yea to share a Lizzy moment, our home teachers were over and after they had been here for a while Lizzy looks up at them and says "oh would you please go home now" I was not sure what to say to that. I wanted to laugh but was not sure if I could. Luckly the home teacher both started laughing so we were able to join in. I swear you never know what is going to come out of her mouth. Oh yea one more thing, Bri had his pine wood derby race for cub scouts and this is the car he made with his dad. If did not win but he had fun making it with his dad. So hopefully I will be able to keep up better on our blog so I can continue to make blog books for our family.