Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bri's in the double digits now!!

Well Brian Jr. turned 10 a couple of weeks ago. It is hard to believe he is only 6 years away from driving and 9 from going on a mission. Time goes by so quickly, that is starting to scare me a little. On his birthday he wanted to eat at the Golden Corral. He had just gone on his 4th grade field trip to the coast and one night they ate there so he decided that it was so good he wanted to take us all. The kids really enjoyed it and it was a great time. This weekend he is going to have a party at the house with some of his friends. This should be fun 8 10yrs olds running around the house.

In the last picture of Lizzy and I, we are doing zumba! I got a dvd from the guy who teaches it at my gym and lizzy loves it. She wants to do it every day but I have to do it with her because it is no fun by yourself. At least that is what Lizzy thinks. Brian took pictures of us the other day while we were doing it. She is always asking me why the guy on the dvd is always smiling. I always say he is just happy. They other day she ask again and I said the same thing and here response was "I bet he doesn't yell at his kids because he is always happy" Well lizzy he does not have any kids! I didn't know rather to laugh or cry. It was funny but does that me she thinks I am not happy because I do yell at mine. So I ask and her response was yes, you don't look happy when you yell at us. So that is what I am trying to work on here is not yelling so much. I told her if my kids would listen one of the first 3 times I ask them to do something I would never have to yell at them but yelling seems to be what gets them listening. So that is what we are working on here, listening better and not yelling. We will see how that goes.

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lynne said...

Cute pictures and stories! I'm here at your house just going to bed and am excited to see everyone in the morning!