Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York City

This year my mom turned 60 so my sisters and I wanted to do something big. We planned a trip to NYC without her knowing and surprised her with it 2 days before we left. We had a great trip. It was filled with lots of walking, shopping, eating, getting lost on the subway and in the city and good laughs. We were able to go and see Wicked and a show called Memphis. They both were really good but Wicked was awesome. We left on a friday and came back on tuesday, which was my birthday. What a fun trip. We went to China town and Keely made so many sellers mad. She would offer them an amount for something they were selling and they did not like it. One time it took her for ever to decide if she wanted this knock off watch and when she told the lady no she did not want it she got so mad. She started yelling and told Keely she was going to die today and that she was going to kill her. Lets just say that wrapped up our day on Canal Street. We decided that none of us wanted to go back with Keely ever again to Canal Street. Well it was a great trip and I feel lucky I was able to go and help give my mom such a great gift.

Caty-lynne's Birthday

Well she's 9!! This year for Caty's Birthday she wanted her dad to make homemade pizza and cheese sticks. He did and it was delicious. We had over the fam and enjoyed a night at home. We also enjoyed some yummy ice cream cake. This year instead of a party I took Caty, Lizzy and one of Caty's friends to a movie and then out to dinner. We went and saw Tin Tin and for dinner Caty wanted to eat at Cicis pizza, yes more pizza. Caty loves pizza more than anyone I know. We had a great time and Caty enjoyed it all. This year she actually wanted clothes for the first time. Her new favorite store is Justice. So I went and got her a couple of new outfits and she wore one to school. Brian and I came to her school for lunch and brought her Wendys. She had a great day followed by a great night. After her party she had a sleep over at Ooma and papas house. All and all she had a great Birthday. Well that wraps up all of our January birthdays, next is mine in February.

Carleigh turns 3!!

I can't believe it but my sweet little Carleigh is 3! Where has the time gone? This year she was able to celebrate her Birthday two times. While we were at Nana and Granddads they gave her a little party and then when we got home on her birthday we had a little party here as well. She loved all the attention. On her Birthday Caty and Lizzy helped her put on her new princess costume and Caty made her a crown to wear. At nana's she had a princess party and her she picked out Hello Kitty. She got a new kitchen, scooter, clothes and books. She loved it all. Carleigh's favorite place to eat is a place called Poblanos, it is a Mexican restaurant. She always wants to eat there so we went and they sang to her and she loved it. The waiters all know us and think she is the cutiest so they were thrilled to be able to sing to her. Ooma, Papa, Mandy and Michael met us there and then came over for cake and ice cream. On a side note the other day when my mom went to trim her hair she started to cry and said, no my hair will turn black and not grow any more. She truly believe that she was like repunzel and the same would happen to her hair as well. What a cutie. Carleigh truly can always make me smile. She has such a sweet little spirit and brings so much happiness into our family. I feel so blessed to have her as a daughter. We love you Carleigh and are glad you had a great Birthday. But stop growing up so fast!!

January Birthday's

Well we always start the new year off with a birthday celebration. This year we were still in Canada so Brian was able to celebrate with his parents, sister and her family and us. This year his birthday was on a sunday so Lynne made a yummy roast and we had ice cream cake. The next night the adults went out to dinner to the Bears Den, Brian's favorite restaurant in Calgary. We had a nice night with lots of laughs. This year Brian turned 35! How is it that he is half way through his thirty's. Boy are we getting old. We had a great day and Brian had great quality time with his family.