Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carleigh turns 3!!

I can't believe it but my sweet little Carleigh is 3! Where has the time gone? This year she was able to celebrate her Birthday two times. While we were at Nana and Granddads they gave her a little party and then when we got home on her birthday we had a little party here as well. She loved all the attention. On her Birthday Caty and Lizzy helped her put on her new princess costume and Caty made her a crown to wear. At nana's she had a princess party and her she picked out Hello Kitty. She got a new kitchen, scooter, clothes and books. She loved it all. Carleigh's favorite place to eat is a place called Poblanos, it is a Mexican restaurant. She always wants to eat there so we went and they sang to her and she loved it. The waiters all know us and think she is the cutiest so they were thrilled to be able to sing to her. Ooma, Papa, Mandy and Michael met us there and then came over for cake and ice cream. On a side note the other day when my mom went to trim her hair she started to cry and said, no my hair will turn black and not grow any more. She truly believe that she was like repunzel and the same would happen to her hair as well. What a cutie. Carleigh truly can always make me smile. She has such a sweet little spirit and brings so much happiness into our family. I feel so blessed to have her as a daughter. We love you Carleigh and are glad you had a great Birthday. But stop growing up so fast!!

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