Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York City

This year my mom turned 60 so my sisters and I wanted to do something big. We planned a trip to NYC without her knowing and surprised her with it 2 days before we left. We had a great trip. It was filled with lots of walking, shopping, eating, getting lost on the subway and in the city and good laughs. We were able to go and see Wicked and a show called Memphis. They both were really good but Wicked was awesome. We left on a friday and came back on tuesday, which was my birthday. What a fun trip. We went to China town and Keely made so many sellers mad. She would offer them an amount for something they were selling and they did not like it. One time it took her for ever to decide if she wanted this knock off watch and when she told the lady no she did not want it she got so mad. She started yelling and told Keely she was going to die today and that she was going to kill her. Lets just say that wrapped up our day on Canal Street. We decided that none of us wanted to go back with Keely ever again to Canal Street. Well it was a great trip and I feel lucky I was able to go and help give my mom such a great gift.

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Lynne said...

looks like such a fun trip!!