Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Summer Has Come To An End!

Well the kids started school this past Tuesday and we were all looking forward to that day.  I think I was looking forward to it the most.  Lizzy's school starts on Monday and she is very excited about that.  
Carleigh is all over the place.  She started crawling almost 2 months ago and her new favorite thing to do is climb the stairs or pull herself up on things.  She will be 8 months in about 1 week and she is just starting to wear her 3-6 months clothes which are still a little to big on her.  
Well last week before school started Libby and her family came to visit for the week.  We had a good time visiting with them.  The kids all enjoyed playing together.  
Here are a few pictures of the kids from the last few weeks and of Bri and Caty-lynne on the first day of school.  I had to force Bri to take a picture.  He is so much like his dad. Not just in the picture taking department, he will come down stairs dressed for the day with navy shorts with a navy shirt and I will say bri you need to put on a different shirt.  His response is just like his dad's was the first time we went out.  What it the same color it matches.  It must be in the genes.