Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Summer Has Come To An End!

Well the kids started school this past Tuesday and we were all looking forward to that day.  I think I was looking forward to it the most.  Lizzy's school starts on Monday and she is very excited about that.  
Carleigh is all over the place.  She started crawling almost 2 months ago and her new favorite thing to do is climb the stairs or pull herself up on things.  She will be 8 months in about 1 week and she is just starting to wear her 3-6 months clothes which are still a little to big on her.  
Well last week before school started Libby and her family came to visit for the week.  We had a good time visiting with them.  The kids all enjoyed playing together.  
Here are a few pictures of the kids from the last few weeks and of Bri and Caty-lynne on the first day of school.  I had to force Bri to take a picture.  He is so much like his dad. Not just in the picture taking department, he will come down stairs dressed for the day with navy shorts with a navy shirt and I will say bri you need to put on a different shirt.  His response is just like his dad's was the first time we went out.  What it the same color it matches.  It must be in the genes.  


Jeni said...

Wow she is a cute little girl!! Always smilin eh?!
I cant believe how grown up the kids look. Bri!!! What happened, you are so grown up!

The Adamson Trio said...

I can't believe how old Bri looks. They are all growing up so fast. Carleigh is cute as ever and of course so are the other kids.

Nana said...

Thank you for the great pictures!! I can't wait to get to know Carleigh and kiss and hug on all the kids again. I miss you all!

Sean said...

We had so much fun with you guys too! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks again for having us! Charlotte might pass little Carleigh in a few months here! She is chubalicious!

The Smith Trio said...

Holy cute that is your kids!!! Im glad everything is going well and school is back in. We miss you guys like crazy. come and visit soon!!