Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well a lot has happened since my last post. School is going great and we are loving our new house and being here in Summerfield. Since the last post We went to Disney World and had a blast. We meet Libby and her family, Jeni and Natalie, and Nana there. The kids had so much fun. I threw in one picture from Disney World. Shortly after our trip to Disney we went to Canada for Christmas. What a great Christmas. We had snow and cousins to meet for the first time and play with. Going to Nana and Grandad's is always fun so that was no surprise. Since we have been back from Christmas we have had 3 birthdays. Brian, Carleigh and Caty-lynne.

Carleigh turned 1 and I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is all over the place. She started walking around 8 1/2 months and now she is just running everywhere. She is such a sweetie and brings so much happiness into our home. We feel so lucky to have her.

Caty-lynne turned 7 on Wed. and she was supposed to have a party at skate land on Sat. but we had a snow storm come on Friday night so we rescheduled for next Sat. She has also grown up so fast. What a wonderful girl she is, she is a great sister and a caring little girl. She wanted to go to Taco Bell for her birthday dinner so that is where we went. I will be glad when these kids start liking a little more high scale restaurants. They all had fun because the Taco Bell had a play place, so it was great for the kids.
As I mentioned we got snow this weekend and will probably not have school for days. In fact Church was canceled for today so it has been a long day. I sure hope it warms up and melts soon. They kids have had fun in the snow today. They have been out in it for hours. To bad we do not have a sled, and everywhere that sells them have sold out. Oh well I guess I will be better prepared for next year. I'm sure we won't get any if I actually have a sled and snow gear. Well enjoy the photos and I am going to try real hard to blog more regularly.


Proud Momma said...

Lotte has that same outfit that Carleigh is wearing...Nana? haha

I think my kids take snow for granted because when it snows like that in Kingston my kids just complain!

The RC Miller Clan said...

Cute pics. I'm so jealous of the snow. Taco Bell. The taco's are crap but I liked those pocket type things with the melted cheese and salads in them!