Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 Carleigh's pre-school class had there first field trip yesterday to a pumpkin patch.  Carleigh has been looking forward to this for weeks.  She was excited about going with her class.  She loves pre-school.  She was able to pick out a pumpkin and listen to someone read two stories about pumpkins to her class.  Before the field trip was over she wanted to know where daddy was and I explained he had to go watch Caty do her mile run at school.  She said I want to go and cheer for Caty.  So I told her, well then you have to leave the pumpkin patch, she thought about it for a minute and said ok lets go tell everyone goodbye.  What a sweetie, she would rather go and cheer for her sister on her run than stay on her field trip.  So we went to watch Caty and she did great.

Breast Cancer Run/House

 This year we did the Breast Cancer run/walk again.  Carleigh and Caty-lynne did it with me.  Carleigh did the little girl run.  She was so excited, she has been preparing for it for a few months.  Everyday she would ask to practice for her baby run.  She had a great time and at the end she got a medal.  Caty-lynne walked with my mom and Mandy.  She did great, this was the longest she has ever walked.  She enjoyed it as well and next year maybe she will run with me!  Before the run they have some jazzercize instructors out doing jazzercize.  Carleigh was out dancing and she loved it.  She was so in to it that she would not take her eyes off the girl at the front.  It was so cute to watch.  They had over 3,000 women/girls there this year participating.  They had yummy food, painting for the kids and lots of bubbles for the girls to play with.  We all had a great time for a great cause.

 They started putting the brick on the house and I love it!  The front will have stone as well as brick.  They are going to start the dry wall in about a week.  Once that gets going it will start looking more like a house on the inside.  I can't wait to see what it looks like once the brick and stone are finished on the outside.  If they could just move along faster that would be great!

Happy Birthday Lizzy!

Well Lizzy turned 7 a few weeks ago!  I can't believe it, my kids are all getting so old.  Her Birthday was on a Sunday so on Saturday she wanted to go rolling skating and out to eat at our Favorite mexican restaurant.  She had a blast skating.  She is the best skater in the family.  She even goes out when they open the floor just for speed skaters.  At dinner they sang to her and brought ice cream out.  After singer the server that we always gets and knows us very well feed her some ice cream and wiped it all over her face.  It was pretty funny and she thought so as well.  On Sunday her Birthday we had our Primary Program.  All the kids did great, they all knew their parts and did a great job with singing.  Lizzy was not thrilled about her Birthday being on the same day as the program.  That night I made one of her favorite meals and we ended with cake and ice cream.  I think she had a great Birthday.

School is going great for the kids this year.  They are enjoying their teachers all have good friends in their classes.  Our house is coming along as well.  We are still on track for the end of January for finishing and moving in.  Lets hope it stays that way.  We are all sick of this rental house.  It gets smaller everyday.  I'm sure it does not help that I keep finding things for our new house and we are storing them here so it really is getting more crowded.