Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

 Carleigh's pre-school class had there first field trip yesterday to a pumpkin patch.  Carleigh has been looking forward to this for weeks.  She was excited about going with her class.  She loves pre-school.  She was able to pick out a pumpkin and listen to someone read two stories about pumpkins to her class.  Before the field trip was over she wanted to know where daddy was and I explained he had to go watch Caty do her mile run at school.  She said I want to go and cheer for Caty.  So I told her, well then you have to leave the pumpkin patch, she thought about it for a minute and said ok lets go tell everyone goodbye.  What a sweetie, she would rather go and cheer for her sister on her run than stay on her field trip.  So we went to watch Caty and she did great.

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lynne said...

Sure love that girl!