Wednesday, April 13, 2011

San Diego Part 2

So today was our last day here in San Diego. I did a little shopping while Brian was in conference and when he got done we went to Old Towne and toured the Mormon Battalion. We had fun and did a little shopping there as well. We then ate the best mexican food we both have ever had. While we were there we got a call from our vet. saying someone had found Abby running down a busy street and she stop to pick her up. We left her with a girl that does dog sitting, so we called her but no answer. We called the lady that found abby and she said she watched her almost get hit by 3 cars before she was able to get her. She also said she was very hungry and thirsty. Who knows how long she was out by herself. My mom and sister went and got her for us at the lady's house and she will stay with my parents until we get home. I am just glad someone stop to help her and called our vet. from her tag she was wearing. So tomorrow morning we leave to go home and I think we are both ready to get home and see the kiddos. We have had a great trip but we are missing our sweet kids. I'm sure once we get home and they start arguing we will wonder why we were missing them!

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