Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Well last night was a very exciting night here at the Miller house. Lizzy was playing on the floor and Bri did not see her and stepped on her two times before he realized what he had done. I ran over and picked her up and she could was not breathing but by the time I picked her up she starting crying liked I have never heard her cry before. Well of course Brian was not her to check her out and tell me that she was ok, so I called 911 and the sent help. Her breathing was not normal when it happened and she was so upset that Bri got upset and started to cry too. Meanwhile Caty-lynne is following me around the house yelling put lizzy in my stroller i want to take her for a ride. She would not stop pulling on lizzy and me as i am trying to tell the operator what happened. So when help arrived lizzy was calm and breathing normal. They listened to her heart and lungs and said she sounded fine and to have Brian check her again before she went to bed. After they left Bri came up and was loving on her and told us that he had said 2 prays for her. That he had ask Heavenly Father to love on her and make her be better and to stop crying. He is such a sweet little boy who loves his sister. Brian got home about 20 minutes after all this had happen and was able to hear the story and tell me how babies are very durable and next time to stay more calm and not include 911 unless there is no breathing involved. Anyway over and done with and we are all doing great today.


Nana said...

Poor little Lizzy and poor little Bri. Where did he step on her? I can just hear Caty-Lynne whining and getting no response from you. Tell Bri I love him and give Lizzy and Caty-Lynne loves from me.

The Haslam Clan said...

wow Robin...you always have the great stories!!!
I hope everybody has recovered somewhat from today...does Brian carry a cell phone to call him? That would be scary!
Love you guys