Friday, March 07, 2014

Every Day Life

 This is on a field trip I got to go on with Carleigh's class.  We had fun, it started out with rain but did not last very long.  We got to go on a hay ride around the farm,  go through a corn maze, play and pick out a pumpkin.  Carleigh is so much fun to be with, always smiling and making me smile, what a sweet little girl.  I do not want her to grow up.

 Carleigh love to play basketball!  She is always asking Daddy and Bri to go shoot some hoops with her!
 This is our elf on the shelf!
 These are from our trip to the Natural Science Center.  They just added an aquarium  to the center and the kids love it!

 I took the girls to see Disney on Ice and it was a lot of fun!  The boys did not want to go this year so we went with Betsy, Matthew, Rachel and Ooma.

 Caty just loves the show!

 I never get pictures of Bri so I have to use what we have.  Not sure what he was up to here!

Girls at dance, Lizzy is the one up front in blue.

 Great action shot!
She is just to Cute!

 Bri's football team did great this year.  They won the Championship!  Bri had a great season, this was his last year in this league.  Next year hopefully he will make the middle school team and we can go cheer him on there!

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