Friday, March 07, 2014


This year for Halloween Brian had someone down looking at a job with his group so he, his wife and kids came over for dinner and then went trick or treating with us.  We went to Ooma and Papa's neighborhood because you can get in a lot more houses than ours.  Houses in our neighborhood are a lot further apart so more walking less houses.  This is the first year Bri did not dress up for halloween.  He stayed home and did who knows what with his friends from the neighborhood.  They were supposed to pass out candy but every time I called home he was nowhere around.  He had fun and as far as I know stayed out of trouble.  The girls had fun, Keely was in town with her kids so they got to go trick or treating with them as well.  This is the first year in a long time that Caty wanted to wear a costume!  Most of the time we make something out of her own clothes and add a hat or something to it.  She is all about comfort but this year she wanted to be a clown with makeup and all.  After doing the makeup she did not like it so we took most of it off.  I don't think she will every dress up like that again.  Not comfy enough for her and she is all about comfort when it comes to what is on her body. These are the pumpkins the girls did with Brian this year.

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