Friday, March 07, 2014

Lizzy's Baptism

 What a wonderful day for Lizzy!  Lizzy was so excited about this day.  She only had to go in the water once.  Her water unlike Caty-lynne's was like nice warm bath water.  Bri, Caty and Carleigh sang I am a Child of God.  They sounded like 3 angles singing.  They sang while Lizzy and Brian were changing and Lizzy wanted to hear them so bad so got dried off and dressed as fast as she could.  We got in there right when they started to sing.  She beat her dad by like 10 minutes.  It was a wonderful baptism, at the end lizzy was so filled with the spirit she started crying tears of joy.  What a sweet little girl we have.  We had lots of family and friends to celebrate with.  Nana and Granddad came to visit and we always love having them here.  So glad they were able to come share in this special day with Lizzy.

 After the Baptism we had a Mexican Fiesta!  We had one of our favorite restaurants bring in food for everyone.  The food was great and we had a great time.  I can't believe I only have one more left to get baptized.  My kids are growing up way to fast, it makes me sad.

 Lizzy also had a great Birthday and got to enjoy her yummy cookies from Nana and Granddad!  We love you Lizzy!

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