Friday, March 07, 2014

Girl's Trip 2013!

 Lets start by saying what a FUN trip!!  Lynne turned 60 this year so Libby, Jeni and I thought it would be fun to take her on a girls trip to celebrate.  So Lynne and I flew into Dallas and then the four of us drove down to San Antonio.  It started with Libby giving us all goody bags for our trip filled with food, magazines, lip gloss and a scarf!  How sweet is she!  Our first stop was in Austin.  Jeni had done some research on all the food trucks they have so we stopped at the Trailer Park Eatery which had 3 or 4 food trucks parked there.  We had some really yummy tacos and some ok dessert from the dessert truck there.  Of course I was the one sent back to complain about the nasty milk shake we got.  I guess I am so good at it that it was my job for the trip!  We arrived in San Antonio late afternoon to a beautiful resort Jeni set up for us.  We had our own suite with our own golf cart to ride around resort with.  It was so nice and the weather was great as well.  We did our favorite things: lots of eating, lots of shopping and pampered ourself with a pedicure.  We had many hours of talking and laughing.  I can always count on a great time with these girls, love them to death!   On the way home we stop at this place called the Salt Lick, this is a man's paradise!  The picture at the bottom is what you see when you walk in.  It is in the middle of nowhere.  In fact we thought Jeni was taking us to same farmers house to eat because that was all that was around!  The food was amazing, some of the best meat I have ever eaten.  Brian would love this place!

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