Friday, March 07, 2014

Women's Only Run October 2013

 This year all the girls decided to do the Women's only Run and most of us had a great time.  Carleigh did the little girls run and did great!  Lizzy walked the 5k with my mom and I heard there was a little complaining but at the end she had a big smile on her face.  I got the great pleasure of running with Caty-lynne.  What a treat!  She told me she wanted to run so I agreed to keep at her pace.  Well after 2 minutes she was crying in pain and wanted to walk so we did for a minute then she was ready to go.  Well I think she yelled and cried the whole 5k and I had  mean looks  from the women around us like I was forcing her to do this.  So I began to start talking very loudly with encouraging words to her.  I think they began to understand that it was not me and the looks went away.  She did not want to stop but she had to cry and yell about how much she hated it the whole way.  What a joyful run for me!  At the end we could she the finish line and she was still crying and this little old lady on the side started to cheer her on and Caty turned and looked at her and then yelled shut up very loud.  I was so embarrassed.  I then scolded her and told her how rude she was.  At this point we had now crossed the finish line and I got to smile for the first time since we started. No longer did I have to listen to Caty cry.  Later I think she felt a little guilty and said she was sorry.  I told her next year she could only run with me if she was going to be a Positive Pam!  We will see about that!  All in all in was a great day running for a great cause.  Brian and Bri were there to cheer us on and enjoy all the yummy food they had for everyone.

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