Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cooling Off

Well it has been really hot here the last couple of days. It has been in the 100's with 90% humitity. So we have been going to the pool to keep cool. The kids have also enjoyed jumping on the tramp with me spraying them with a hose. Fun times here at the Miller House. Caty-lynne went of the diving board for the first time the other day and now she can not get enough of it. In fact the other day when Brian was with her she decided to hold her pee so long that when she got to the end of the diving board she could no longer hold it and she exploded right there in front of everyone watching her. Brian went up and splashed some water on the end but the guy behind her still seemed to be a little upset when he had to walk through Caty-lynne's pee. So now she can not go in the pool until after a bathroom visit. But Caty is doing so good with her swiming. She can swim all the way to the stairs after jumping off the diving board. Brian or I are always there just in case but still we are very impressed at how good she is doing with no lessons. Then there is Bri who is the swiming machine. When we get to the pool he leaves us and goes and swims the whole pool by himself. He is always on the lookout for a new friend to play with. He goes on the diving board and does front dives, cannon balls and twist in the air. Pretty good for a five year old. In fact they were having diving lessons one night and after Bri did this pretty amazing twist in the air this girl there for lessons who was probably about 12 said to her friend, did you see what he just did? That was really cool. It is a good thing we have this pool for something to do everyday. I have pictures of the kids on the diving board and slide but it is not letting me post them now so i will do it later. I also have a picture of Brian doing a 2 1/2 flip off the diving board as well that i will post. We also have a pretty amazing slide at the pool as well and lizzy now enjoys going on it with Brian or I. She always has a very disgruntly look on her face until the water splashes her in the face right at the end. Then out comes the giggles and smiles. Well that is about all that is going on her in Hell or at least it fells like that everytime we go outside.


The Haslam Clan said...

I"m glad to see you guys finally posted some pictures! That pool looks like so much fun...Sean's parents place has a pool, we've gotta get over there and start practicing!

J B & N Rawlins said...

IT IS ABOUT TIME YOU POSTED! I WAS ABOUT TO EMAIL YOU AND REMIND YOU YOU HAD A BLOG!!! those are cute pics though.. CL has improved alot since I was down there.. she didn't even want to get her head all the way wet!! nice!! the pool is the only cure for the heat!

Nana said...

Finally I get to see ny darling G-kids. Caty-Lynne is doing fantastic. So is Bri. Is that the pool at your gym?