Thursday, August 24, 2006

Well as you can see Brian decided to shave his head again, but this time he did not want to do it alone. So to my dismay Bri has a shaved head too. I am not a fan of a shaved head but I have to say Bri looked pretty cute! He loves looking like his dad, well at least his hair cut b/c just about everywhere we go we still get he looks just like his mom, he might have my looks but he acts just like his dad.

Then there is Caty-Lynne and for all those who know Caty-Lynne you know what a battle it is to even get a brush and bow in her hair. As you can see in this picture she has now decided so loves ponytails and pigtails. She looks even more adorable with her hair pulled up off of her face. One day last week she came to me and ask for a ponytail and i about fell over, then two days ago she came asking for the pigtails. This was so big I had to take a picture b/c I knew no one would believe this one. Her hair now matches her prissy attitude. In fact the other day when I did her hair she had to put on her lip gloss and then ask me to announce to her dad that the pretty girl in the whole world was coming down the stairs. So I did and she was walking down the stairs with a huge smile and then she tripped and fell down half of the stairs. Poor thing, she was ok but it made her so upset that her dad did not see her before the tears came.

Here we have miss on the go, Lizzy is all over the place now a days. She now has personality ozzing out of her ears. We thought for awhile she was going to be nothing like her drama queen sister but we were wrong. She is more drama than Caty-lynne ever thought about being at that age and that scares me.

And here is the last picture for today, Bri and Caty-lynne were outside on the tramp. and Caty-lynne came in screaming with this black eye. We ask what happened and she said Bri told her not to look at him and she did so he took the broom I left on the deck earlier and hit her in the eye with it. Needless to say Bri went to his room for the rest of the night. She was so pitiful looking I had to take a picture. When I took the picture she gave me this cute sad face. Well that is about the just of what has been going on at the Miller house. We are looking forward to next week b/c Bri starts school and Caty-lynne starts preschool. I will not know what to do with myself but I am pretty sure I will be ok. We are also looking forward to Lynne coming next week as well, so next week seems to be looking good for us. Until next time.


J B & N Rawlins said...

THat is the cutest and best post guys! Really I t has been 3 weeks so i am glad you finally updated it! I know stuff like that happens everyday so you need to update more!! But cute - I LOVE the pics, and Bri does look really cute with a shaved head!

The Haslam Clan said...

Yay...I love that you posted tonight! I've been waiting for a new one from you guys...and still waiting to see the new house! I kind of see that one room is red...which one I don't know!
That is a classic story on the trampoline. Hopefully they don't beat up on eachother that hard when they're older! Tell them I love them of course! Ciao

shannon said...

I have to say that I love the shaved head look, especailly matching ones (note my blog all summer). Adam always shaves his head every summer and wanted Collin to do it with him. They look so cute, and I love the pouty picture of Caty-Lynne with the black sad!

Heather said...

Very adorable, Caty-lynne sounds similar to Brooklynn, the only difference is that Brooks has had so many black eyes that I see the pics of them and can't remember what happened. You will love having Bri in school and Caty-Lynne in preschool. I can't wait until Brooklynn's school starts in a week.

Nana said...

I can't wait to get there and see everybody!! and your house of course. Post some preview pics this weekend. Love you all!!