Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thank you Bri

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised - I remember as a 9 year old boy, we lived in Seattle and were renting a house for 6 months while dad was doing a fellowship for his job - we lived in a bad neighborhood, the house was on a tilt and we were pretty poor at the time.  We all used the same bathroom in the house and one day I thought it would be fun to take a razor blade that I found in the shower and cut up the shower curtain as I showered.  It didn't even enter my head that this would destroy this and require us to buy a replacement.  Mom was so mad - I mean we were poor and didn't have enough to buy another dollar plastic curtain.  Well Bri took it to a whole new level.  Of course we moved into the house in February.  It only took a couple of months for him to destroy something.  I had just finished placing a nice finish on the floor of the garage - it was a epoxy and urethane combination - I had some left over and unfortunately I didn't clean up my mess quick enough - I got distracted, had to work a bunch of shifts and this was the result - He thought it would be fun to pain the side of the house - the exterior brick, that is exposed to the whole neighborhood with the urethane material.  of course I didn't see it for a couple of day because I work nights and it was in an awkward place behind our trash cans on the side of the house.  It has become a permanent reminder that he needs persistent oversight and a reminder that you MUST clean up after yourself immediately or he will take advantage of the situation.  Having done my fair share of destroying things (innocently) in the past I can't be that mad can I?

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