Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fun Fourth Fireworks!

July 4th this year was a day off for me - we took the kids out to Hanging Rock where there is a lake and a dock with a diving board.  We had been one time the year before but we had gone just after I had thrown my back out so I was virtually useless and could barely lay down.  This year was different - I was feeling good, the kids were excited and evidently every Central American in the Piedmont Triad new about this place as well.  There were 6 white people there and they all shared my DNA!  Robin joked that it would be funny if we saw Nelly, and several minutes later who do we see walk by?  Too Funny!

The girls got all did up for the fourth

As was the case with previous years, we had spent a good amount of money on fireworks at the beach this year - I think I dropped 200$ on them this year and we had some of the big ones - the professional ones that shoot up high and umbrella - In fact we had so many different fireworks that we didn't know how all of the worked - or how they presented that it.  At one point we had a huge roman candle that would shoot fire balls up into the air and then the balls would explode - see Lizzy below - but it was so big it recommended anchoring it to the ground - will we didn't have a way to do that so instead I dug a small hole, placed a gatorade bottle in the hold and then placed the roman candle in the bottle.  I lit it and the first 2 of the 5 shots went perfectly…

Then the next 3 shot in another direction - the bottle had tipped over from the force of the first 2 shots - Robin, Cathy and others were sitting on park chairs at the edge of the garage on the driveway when the candle flipped back and shot the next 2 shots directly at them - the first shot went underneath cathy's chair directly through her legs and into the garage where it exploded, the shock sent the girls into a panic and as they scattered the second shot split between robin and her mother and hit the garage door and exploded - Close one.  We worked on anchoring it a bit better!

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