Saturday, December 21, 2013

Major Updating Needed!

Well since the last post we have had many Birthdays.  Just in January we had 3!  Brian turned 36 this year, man we are getting old.  He enjoys getting older but not me!  Brian started a diet on his Birthday which is the 1st, so he told me he did not want a cake.  Who starts a diet on there Birthday?  Well I made a cake anyway but he did not eat any.  We took everyone to the Olive Garden to eat and Brian had to leave right from there and go to work.  He took cake with him to share with all the nurses.  We had a good day.  The kids always love to give gifts and help open them.

A few days later was Carleigh's Birthday, she turned 4!  What a sweet little thing she is.   Her Birthday fell on a Sunday this year so when ask what she wanted to eat of course she said Poblanos Mexican Restaurant, her favorite place in the world to eat.  We then told her we would have to go on Saturday because her Birthday was on Sunday and we do not eat out on Sunday.  At first she just did not get it but once we told her we would have a party at home as well on her Birthday she was ok.  So the people at Poblanos love Carleigh so they put a hat on her sang and brought out a couple of dessert for her, it was a blast.  Then on her Birthday we had a few friends over to Ooma and Papa's house to cookout and have cake and ice cream.  Her one request was that she had a pinata.  So we got one but had no where to hang it so Brian held it and let the kids swing at it.  To be funny he would move it around once they would swing and once the 4 or 5 child swing the bat missed the pinata and hit the side of my parents house and put a whole in there siding.  Stuff like this always seems to happen when it is not your house.  Luckily it was a cheap and easy fix so no harm done.  The kids loved it when all the candy fell, especially Carleigh.  I think that was her favorite part about her Birthday.  I just can't believe my baby is 4, this makes me sad.  I only have one more year (after this school year) of her being at home with me before she starts kindergarten.  That will be one sad day around here for me.  I have sent my others with one or more still at home so it has never been that bad but this is going to tear me up.  I will have to make sure I enjoy the next year as much as I can.

Our last Birthday for the month is Caty-lynne's.  Her Birthday fell just a few days before our move into the new house.  So we decided to have her birthday party a few weeks later once we were settled into the house.  So for

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