Saturday, December 21, 2013

Strawberry Picking and the Town Fair

Carleigh was the only child this year who was able to go strawberry picking - This is a family tradition yearly and this was the first year that we broke it.  Robin often makes strawberry jelly every year which is home made, canned and enjoyed all year long.  Looks like Carleigh was enjoying the spoils prior to check out - naughty naughty.

The Town Fair comes to Summerfield every year and they really have a big set up - there is a ferris wheel, roller coasters, the swinging swings, rock climbing wall and the tall slides - my favorite part was the funnel cakes surprise surprise - we even ate them while the kids where at the top of the ferris wheel so they didn't share!  Of course we got another when they came down and then when it got rained out and they were packing up we were able to get some leftover pizza for super cheap!  The best part for me was that it was only a 2 minute drive from the house - it was 10$ / kid for all day rides and the kids loved it

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