Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Fun!

 This summer has been great.  We have had lots of fun, also lots of arguing but we try to forget about that and put it behind us.  We have gone bowling a lot since they have the kids bowl free.  The kids will be pro bowlers by the end of summer.  Carleigh got a strike and 2 spares at our last visit to the bowling alley.  I think we have gone to the pool almost everyday and the kids are still loving it so we will continue to go.  We went to one of the Grasshoppers Baseball games on night.  They won and they had fireworks at the end.  The kids really enjoyed it and it was Carleigh's first time seeing fireworks.  She thought it was great and wanted them to keep going.  We have gone to movies and we are going tomorrow to see Ice Age 4 so that should be fun.  Brian and I have been doing a lot of selecting for things for our house.  I think as soon as I leave I change my mind then I go back and forth but at the end I have loved everything we have picked out this far.  We still have a few more selections to make and then it is just a waiting game until it is done.  Carleigh got her first bike the other day.  She is doing great on it.  She loves it and has been riding it everyday since she got it.  What a great summer so far.  It is hard to believe it is almost over.

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