Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 4th 2012

 We started the morning out with going out to breakfast then heading over to the parade downtown.  We got there right after it had started and the kids were excited about the parade and getting the candy they throw out to the crowd.  Well we found out this year they were not allowed to throw the candy only have someone walk and hand it out.  So therefore not to much candy this year.  The kids were a little disappointed but thats ok they did not need tons of candy anyway.  After the parade we headed over to the pool to spend some time in the water.  We got there and we were the only ones there for like the first hour and then a few more trickled in but still a small crowd on a nice summer day.  After the pool we went over to my parents house and grilled out and the kids lit some sparklers and ran around outside until it was time to go and see the fireworks.  The fireworks were not very impressive this year. We did not have a very good spot to see them that well but also they were just lame.  The fireworks at the baseball games here are much better.  We got home late and went right to bed, the kids had a long fun day!

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