Saturday, January 04, 2014

Heritage Park, more Canada

The sunset on a beautiful Canadian summer day!  At the back of mom's house on the deck overlooking the town of Cochrane and the golf course.  80 degrees and perfect

Heritage park is a theme park located in Calgary that has all the attractions from the early part of the century when Calgary became a boom town - there was an old car exhibit, old time restaurants, and amusement park rides that you would see back then including an old ferris wheel.  Grabbed some lunch at the old time cafe - sandwiches, soup and coke in the bottles.

The view from up high - Caty and I are at the top of the old time ferris wheel

Mom and Lizzy riding the Whiplash ride - not much of a whiplash but the kids liked it

Lizzy, always one to pose, sits pretty on the back of a vintage car!

Carleigh, Taylor and Charlotte riding the min ferris wheel

somehow Bri and the boys (Braydon and Drew) managed to get into more trouble - they were messing around on a see saw outside the old time school house and they facilitated a fall where Braydon injured his ankle and couldn't walk - Bri was kind and took B on his shoulders the rest of the day and thankfully we were almost at the end of the day - it was however a good walk back to the train station.

the train does circles around the park - works in the traditional way like old trains do.  it didn't move fast but was cool to see the way that things used to work prior to advent of cars for the every day man.

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