Sunday, January 05, 2014

Back to school 2013

It is that time again - the kids are all dolled up in their school best - Caty has discovered TOMS shoes and has also allowed us to buy her more than one item of clothes - she was so picky last year that she sometimes wanted to wear the same pair of jeans and shirts every day.  It was easier to let her have her way than to fight the screaming and crying that would ensue if you insisted that she wear something else.  Lizzy is sporting her always popular Carolina Blue and Bri wore the same shorts that he wore all spring and would wear for the oncoming fall and through the winter - evidently it is the new cool thing for kids in Junior High to wear shorts year round.  That would not have flown in Canada growing up!

Bri and his friend Walker who lives 3 houses down wait at the bus stop every morning together.  They both have the same theory on shorts!

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Betsy said...

Cute kids! I'm going to steal Carleigh one of these days...