Sunday, January 05, 2014

Father Sons Camp, Triathlon's and Half Marathon's

Father Sons Camp was fun as usual - we had this at the Colfax building as usual.  There is no level grass there so the sleeping isn't always that great.  We started with tinfoil dinners or as Bri has coined them, "the iron lung".
Unfortunately this is the only picture that I have from this event - Bri and the other scout age children went crazy at the fire that night - the Bishop came and Bishop Williams thought it would be a good idea to show the young men how a Christmas Tree burns on a fire - these trees however had been drying for the last 9 months and were crispy to say the least - At one point the leaders put 3 trees on at once and watched the flames go 30 feet in the air - We had brought 2 folding chairs made out of canvas and the sparks that flew down burned holes in the seats of the chairs.  Once again I brought a cot and didn't sleep well.  i ended up getting in my car and driving to Sheetz gas station for a sub sandwich at 3 in the AM.  It was kind of serene and quiet to sit at the fire at 4 AM with some quiet and time to myself.  

Father Son's Camp

This year was a particularly bad year for me with exercise - being on night shift had ruined my energy level and promoted a dangerous level of growth - not of muscles.  Robin had a stellar year though and she and Betsy decided it would be a good year to do some Triathlon and actually trained for and finished their first half marathon!  They ran 4 times a week and on Saturdays were running as long as 2 hours at a time!  Robin had some pain in her hip but generally tolerated the runs well.  Congratulations ladies.  Robin tore it up and not only did awesome but was upright and speaking in full sentences at the end of it.  Watching her come across the finish line, it appeared that she had only run a 5 K.  No Jelly legs, no complaining.  

Belews Lake Triathlon
As usual, the Rolphin - had a stellar race.  This was just 20 minute drive form the house and the water was really warm.  It is a treat to have this venue so close!

Waiting for Mom!
The girls and I waited patiently on the sidewalk for mom to round the last corner of the 1st annual Greensboro Half Marathon.  We made a sign and tried to stay warm.  

Go Mom Go - sprint to the finish!
You wouldn't even have guessed at this point they had been running more than 13 miles!

Miller, Lundrigan, Miles
We are the Champions my Friends!  And we'll keep on fighting to the end!  Number one in our Books for sure.

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Betsy said...

It was a fun summer of training and running for sure! Good times!