Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Family Photos

On Monday we had our pictures taken at Bicentennial Park. The girl who takes our pictures is moving to AZ so we wanted to get one more photo shoot in before she left.
On Monday morning I was out trying to find what we were going to wear in these photo. Talking about waiting till the last minute. Once I found the dresses for the girls the rest was easy. Lizzy has not been feeling good for the past week so she was a little somber in the photos. Then we have Carleigh who only does cheesy smiles but all in all I think they turned out really good.
I feel like we are the sick house around here. Caty and Lizzy were both sick last week. Caty got better but Lizzy is still not feeling well. Bri started feeling bad last night and Carleigh woke up from a nap yesterday with an ear infection. Hopefully everyone will get better and we can start this summer off right.
Brian has had this week off and it has been wonderful to have him around. He is doing his first triathlon on saturday in Charlotte. I guess if we can get the kids better we will go with him. Lizzy had her dance recital on Sunday and it went great. I will post pictures later and tell the story on that.


Jeni said...

Cute cute pictures. You all look great.

Good luck to Brian this weekend, and post the pics of lizzy, can't wait to see that!

Proud Momma said...

Stop it! Too cute...that Caty-lynne is ridiculous!