Friday, July 22, 2011

Lizzy's Dance Pictures and The Beach!!!

Lizzy had her dance recital and did great. She had been sick all week with a high fever and in bed so we were not sure if she was going to make it or not. She felt better on the day of the recital so we gave her some medicine and off we went. Right before it started she said she needed to use the bathroom so I sent her in while I went to put something away. I came back and she was crying, while she was peeing she got some on her tights and leotard. So we had to take off the tights and clean the leotard by hand and put it back on wet. Luckily she only had to wear that for the first song but what a great way to start off the recital. She did a great job, even though she was still not feeling great.

For the week of the fourth we went to Ocean Isle beach. We had a great time. The weather was great. We enjoyed going to the beach everyday. Brian rented a kayak and took all the kids on it. He took the girls out in the sound and they went to little islands and explored. They loved it and said it was their favorite thing they did. The next day he took Bri and Michael out in the ocean with it and they had a blast. He and my dad went out as well. He then rented a surf board on Thursday night to use Friday morning but when we woke up it was thundering and lighting. So he took the kids to the movies and after it had cleared up a little so he tried to get out on it but the waves were no good but at least he tried. What a great trip we all love going to the beach. One day I went back to collect somethings we had left on the beach and decided I would stay for a little while, I laid down and fell a sleep and when I woke up it was so quite and I looked around and there was only a few of us left out there. I knew it must be getting close to dinner, but it was so relaxing to be on the beach and not have to worry about watching kids. One day all of my beach trips will be like that so I guess I better enjoy these while I have them.
We have been back for a couple of weeks and in about 10 days we fly to Utah. We are all looking forward to that. It will be a fun trip. I am looking forward to seeing the Almodova's and meeting baby Jaxson.

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