Sunday, November 07, 2010

October 2010

Well October has come and gone so fast this year. I can't believe we are into the first week of November. The kids had a blast trick or treating this year. On Saturday night we went to the church for trunk or treating. Lizzy wanted to be Princess Ariel for halloween this year. So she put on her costume for church and loved it. Well on halloween I told her to go and get her Ariel costume and her reply was mom I already wore that costume last night, I can't wear it again. So she went up to her tub of dress up cloths and picked out a Bride dress and was that on halloween. I can only imagine that this will only get worse with age. She always keeps us laughing here. When out trick or treating at one person's house they gave out one piece of candy and she looks at Michael and say only one piece really. Of course the lady was still standing there to hear. At another house she sees the lady approaching the door with bags of pretzels and yells OH PRETZELS! The other day we were in line to pick up the kids from school it started to hail and I said look lizzy it is hailing. She ask what hail was so I told her and then she looked out the window and says oh HELL. I'm not sure who laughed first Brian or me. I then tried to correct her but she was unable to see the difference between the two words.
We went and got family pictures taken yesterday. Hopefully they will turn out good. The kids looked so cute and they did really good at the farm we went to take the pictures. We will get the disk tomorrow and see how they turned out. I had to throw in these pictures of Carleigh I took this morning before church. She looked so cute I could not resist putting them in.
Well the girls just finished up there soccer season and it went great. Bri is playing flag football and is doing great. His season just ended yesterday but they have there tournament starting this saturday. He will start basketball in about 2 weeks so that will be fun as well.

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Jeni said...

I saw that cute dress at the gap and wanted to get it for my girls soo bad! Carleigh is adorable!