Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Girls!

These are a few pictures I took of the girls this morning before school. Caty-lynne had pictures today and she got up bright and early to make sure she got her hair done and looked great. This was a surprise because it is so not Caty-lynne to want to have her hair done or even care about her hair. She even took a brush to school and lip gloss to put on right before her picture. I would have never believed it if I was not her to see it. I guess she is growing up and getting girly on me. She looked very pretty and I'm sure the pictures will turn out great. Bri on the other hand could have cared less that it was picture day. He did at least wear what I had picked out with no argument. Lizzy and Carleigh just wanted to be in some pictures as well. I found them watching tv like this. Carleigh coping Lizzy, I thought it was pretty cute.


lynne said...

I haven't seen such adorable pictures ever!! All three of those girls are beautiful!! Caty-Lynne is growing up so fast. Tell them all how much I love them!! And miss them!!

Jeni said...

Oh my gosh. Cl looks beautiful!

Proud Momma said...

She does look so grown up!