Saturday, October 02, 2010

Women's Only Run for Breast Cancer

This morning Lizzy, my mom, Mandy(sister) and I participated in a 5k run/walk for breast cancer. Lizzy did the girls run which was 400 yards. She did great! She was so excited to do it and loved the pink shirt she got and the medal as well. It was a great morning, perfect weather and lots of wonderful people. Caty-lynne wanted to do the girls run as well but you had to be under 7 and she did not want to do the 5k. I told her she could walk with my mom and mandy and at first she said yes. I then told her that she could only do it if she would not complain the whole time to them. She then looked at me and said no I do not want to do it then. Caty-lynne is known for always complaining about something. Whether it be her socks, shoes, pants, shirt or the weather. We are trying to teach her how to be more positive. I mean she has the best example, me that is. I guess that is something we all need to work on. Well it was a great day, helping raise money for a wonderful cause that has special meaning to us here in our family


Proud Momma said...

Go Lizzy!!! What a great're mom is looking great and getting her hair back! Miss you guys:)

lynne said...

another triathelete in the making!! Congrats Lizzy! And so nice you could all participate in such a great cause. You're looking great Cathy! Hope you're feeling back to yourself too! Love you guys!