Friday, March 25, 2011

Finishing Up 2010 Blog!!!

Well I am trying to finish up 2010 Blog so I can print off our family blog book. I realized I never put any pictures from Brian's half iron man race he did in September up in Williamsburg, Va. Not that I had very many pictures but I did get these two as he was finishing the race. My parents came with us to cheer on Brian at the race. His swim took about 50 min., the bike 3hrs, and the run 2hrs and 45min. for a total race time of 6hrs and 42min. We were so proud of him. He said he drank gallons of fluids and still did not pee until the next day. He did manage to make it out of bed to go to dinner that night to celebrate papa's birthday. What a great memory we all got to share together. After the race we toured the Jamestown settlement. We also road the ferry over to Williamsburg and that was exciting for the kids as well.

I'm sure you can tell Bri does not look happy in this picture. That is because he had just gotten in trouble and was forced to be in the picture. Oh Happy Days!!!

In November we had our family pictures taken at farm near by our house in Summerfield. They turned out pretty good. The ones of the kids turned out much better than the family picture but even that one was not bad.

For Christmas this year we stayed home and enjoyed Christmas here in Summerfield for the first time. The week before Christmas Nana came to visit and we all enjoyed that. We had not seen her since June and that was a long time without Nana. For Christmas we had Christmas eve at my parents and went to Mandy's for a delicious brunch on Christmas morning. We then had the family over here for Christmas dinner. Brian had to work on Christmas but did not have to go in until that night. What a great Christmas and wonderful time to spend with family. We even had a white Christmas this year. It was snowing in the morning and lasted all day. The kids were able to go out and enjoy the snow even though they had no snow shoes or snow pants. This meant lots of clothes changing throughout the day. Well 2010 turned out to be a pretty good year but lets hope 2011 is even better!

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Heather said...

Way to go Brian! That is some amazing stuff! Your family pictures are so cute and your kids are so grown up! Glad you are all doing well!