Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dallas in the almost Spring

We had the opportunity to get out to Dallas for Spring break with the kids this year.  It was a great time - we had a lot of family there.  Jenny Newby live there and Libby and Sean moved there last year for Sean to do his Orthopedic fellowship - Mom and Dad built a home there in the last 6 months and we were able to get out to visit with them this March.  We had 2 rooms for the majority of us.  Robin and I had a guest room which shared a bathroom with a second bedroom - there was no furniture in that room so we inflated a mattress for the 3 girls.  Bri, Drew and Brayden shared the loft - a big open area with a couch and unfortunately a TV.

Lizzy Crashing and Burning after a long day in the pool!

You can't say he isn't excited - I don't know if it is the fire or the cake but something peaked his interest here!

The Heated Pool - this was the highlight of the trip - they had the pool heated to at least 80 degrees or more - it was like bath water - that was probably a good thing since if it was any cooler no one would have gotten in.  The kids ate it up and no serious injuries, drownings all week long.  Carleigh didn't even need that much help with her floaty bathing suit.

This is also the weekend that Bri turned 12.  This marked a special weekend for him as he was all ready to receive the Priesthood.  We have been talking to Brian about this for some time trying to prepare him of this important responsibility.  He was ready and excited and it was a blessing to be able to do this at Granddads house in Dallas.  It was also exciting to have this ordinance performed with all family members in the circle - I was able to perform the ordinance with dad, and my 2 brother in - laws Sean and newbie in the circle.  Tom and Bonnie had also come into town from Wisconsin to stay a few days and celebrate with us as well.

This was such a special day - We are so proud of our little Bri - he has been steadily growing into a handsome and wonderful young man!  Classic Bri Smile!

Nana and Granddad were so proud as well.  

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