Monday, July 03, 2006

Ghost Lake

Well today we had a lot of fun at Ghost lake. We went out this afternoon for a pinic and a boat ride. The kids had a blast. This was Caty-lynne's first time on a boat. On her first ride she just about feel asleep she was enjoying it so much.

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Marilee said...

Hi Robyn, This is Marilee Christofferson (Miller), Brian's cousin, Julie's sister, etc. We've only met once (I think) but I got to your sight from the comment you left on Julie's blog. Anyway, it was fun to catch up with you guys reading your blog. Your kids are sooooo cute!! Congrats on Brian's Graduation. What are his plans now? It is totally freaky to look at pictures of Brian. I haven't seen him in sooooo long and he looks a ton like his uncle Bruce. Freaky!! Anyway, fun to see your site. Check mine out