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The time has arrived to start a new year.  Regrets = waiting until October 27th to start on this.  I have exactly 9 weeks to finish this!!

We start this year with a brief look at the very end of 2012.  We start with a look at Carleigh's Foray into the make up world.  Do we have a new Cosmetologist on our hands or are we looking at a bull fighter?.  Don't be fooled by the crocodile tears, she was smiling 10 minutes later!

She has the sweetest heart of any little 4 year old around.  Of course at this time she was only 3 years old!  I think she got the smile done right on the make - up.


Still in the rental house on Ballinger:  Mom and the 2 little ones hunkering down for a snuggle!  About this time we are getting tired of the rental house.  It was OK but we had difficult neighbors.  One morning I awoke to find my truck towed (we were told I could park on the street but evidently not).  I think the neighbors called on us.  Another time the neighbor across the street came and put a strip of pink duct tape down the center of the driveway that we share with the neighbor that we shared a wall with.  I had evidently parked my truck on the center line and this against the rules.  I eventually had to park my truck in a church parking lot a quarter mile away where I wouldn't get ticketed or towed.  That walk got old after a month but went on for 8 months!

Dad's Birthday was just a day later, one of my favorite gifts!  The Pineapple - to all the PSYCH fans out there!  I had to work the night of my Birthday at the Med Center which is very close to an Olive Garden, so we had a family dinner there with Mike, Cathy, Mandy, Michael and all our Kids.

Carleigh's Birthday:

Just after my Birthday we celebrated little Carleigh's 4th birthday - Of course she got to go to her favorite restaurant - Poblano's.  She must have gotten that stuffed animal frog for her birthday because it didn't leave her side for weeks.  She had it in a headlock constantly, awake or asleep!

We had a pinata at the birthday party at Mike and Cathy's house and invited the Miles' family to come.  We had lots of fun until I held the pinata too close the siding of the beauty shop right behind me in the picture below - one of the kids swung the wiffle ball bat so hard that when I liftted the tinkerbell pinata, they struck the siding and cracked the vinyl.  We had to replace the siding which cost 6X the amount of the pinata in the first place.

Of course each of the girls gets flowers on their birthday's.  We haven't always been able to afford presents for the children but we try to always get them flowers.

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